Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Florida, USA

ow many of us have sold out? We have betrayed the Lord because we felt help would not come, and then we decided to play 'God' by doing it our way or, better still, the popular way. This is the time for you to look inward and re-evaluate where you stand in your walk with God. Ask yourself this question and don't wait to be asked on the final day after the rapture when the same people who sang your praises and led you on will come to your doorstep and ask, 'why are you still here?' Think about it! May the Lord count us all worthy of His Kingdom.

There was a story about how Hitler imprisoned a German pastor, Martin Niemoeller, for eight years. The Pastor spent some time in prisons and concentration camps, including Dachau. Hitler realized that if Niemoeller, a First World War hero, could be persuaded to join his cause then much of the opposition would collapse. So he sent a former friend of Niemoeller to visit him, a friend who now supported the Nazis. Seeing Niemoeller in his cell, the one-time friend is reported as saying, "Martin, Martin! Why are you here?" To which he received from Niemoeller the response, "My friend! Why are you not here?" It's better to die with conviction than to live with compromise. Whatever you do, do with conviction. You may be attractive; you may be winsome but never compromise your convictions for the sake of popularity. As we make Jesus the center of our lives, our fears will be replaced by the courage of our convictions. We must not compromise our convictions for our convenience. Our life as Christians should make non believers question their disbelief in God.

This is a question we need to reflect on. Why are you not here? As a Pastor, Minister, Church worker, Deacon, Leader (or whichever is applicable), you have taken the route of convenience and compromise. You have chosen the path where the crowds are always singing your praise, but won't dare tell you the truth. You have become men pleasers and abhor everything called Truth. You wallow in your wantonness and deride those who stand for Godliness and Righteousness. You are not here because you cringe at what your friends would say when they realize the path you have chosen. The thought of what the world would say about your stand makes you betray your conscience. Why are you not here?

You say you want to belong; you want to flow with the present tide. A little here, a little there doesn't hurt you may think, but you have failed to realize that a drunkard doesn't get drunk with the first sip from the bottle; it takes the accumulation of several sips for him to get intoxicated. 'Here' is a place of commitment. It is a place where we have made up our mind not to bow down to 'King Nebuchadnezzar' and with an affirmation in our heart that even if we are not delivered, we will not renounce our faith in the Lord. As we make Christ the center of our lives, our fears will be replaced by the courage of our convictions. Once again I ask you, why are you not here? There is no gain if you sell out.