Saturday, November 28, 2020
Florida, USA

"Let him that thinks he is standing take heed lest he falls." 1 Cor 10:12.

ot everything that glitters is gold. It may look attractive on the outside, but it could be poisonous. The devil is a strategist, but our God is the Master of Strategies. The devil has been devising mischief and evil for a very long time, and he's got all kinds of experience with ways to 'shipwreck' any life. Countless generals of God have had their spiritual jugulars cut just by thinking they are invisible.

I read that the Eskimos of Canada and Greenland have an interesting, if rather cruel way of hunting bear. They will take a bone, preferably a wolf bone, and they will sharpen it at both ends. Then they will coil it through a process, freeze it in blubber and lay it across one of the paths the bears travel. As the bear comes along, he smells the blubber and in one gulp, he takes it and swallows it, not knowing that it's just blubbers on the outside but on the inside there's this twisted, sharpened bone. And the minute he swallows it, he's dead. He doesn't drop down just yet, but every move he makes, every step he takes, causes that bone to twist, slash, and tear. Then internal bleeding starts and the Eskimos just follow the tracks of that bear until it dies.

Pride is a stinker and it sinks. The Scriptures says Pride goes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18)

Great men have fallen and some though recovered, their lives and ministries never remained the same again. Open your eyes, my friend! That thing may give you a temporal pleasure now but buried in it is a 'sharp twisted bone' that can cause your spiritual walk with God to come to an unrecoverable halt. 'Can a man put fire in his bosom and not be burnt?' Just like the Eskimos in our story, the devil is lurking around, ready to strike when your guard is lowered. These days, you care less if you pray or even study the scriptures; little wonder why you are easily falling prey to the devil's scheme against your life. Beloved, no one is infallible. Your good speeches and oratory will not save you in the days of adversity. It is your depth in God that will keep you. Let's run from the shenanigans. Constantly look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Keep yourself pure, for only the pure will see the Lord…

There was this great man of God, who worked with Reinhard Bonnke, his name was Richard Ngidi. This man was gifted in miracles, signs and wonders. During those days, Bonnke would preach and step down the platform for, Ngidi would mount up the pulpit and there will be an outburst of the miraculous.

He was really the more anointed of the two, as God gave him the privilege, he was a stronger support to Bonnke and Bonnke's ministry was growing rapidly. Then pride came in…

Richard Ngidi began to think he was better and more anointed than Reinhard Bonnke

One day he said to Reinhard Bonnke's assistant, "The day I leave Bonnke that day will mark the end of him and his ministry" So one day he decided not to show up purposefully and that happened to be his greatest undoing. Bonnke waited and waited for him yet he didn't show up. Frustrated and disappointed, Reinhard came on the pulpit and began preaching trusting in the Holy Spirit and this became the beginning of the miraculous in the life and ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. Against Ngidi's expectation, the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke did not end but rather grew in leaps and bounds. But unfortunately, his ministry dwindled and faded away. After a while, he came for one of the crusades organized by Bonnke and this time, he was surprised to see the mammoth crowd. He walked up to Reinhard Bonnke and all he could muster was "I missed it, I missed it…and left the venue afterwards. He died shortly after.

Watch it! Pride destroys. What ever you have become is simply by the grace of God. Don't let it get into your head. Serve with humility and the Lord will help us all.