Gbenga OwotokiThursday, November 2, 2017
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Florida, USA


hen you follow the wrong people you will definitely end up in the wrong place. Many have been led astray because they have followed the wrong person or people. We have so many wrong influences in our world today. There are false prophets who are using the power of magic and necromancy to sway people. We have men and women who are meant to be mentors to the young generation savagely bruise their innocence for their own clandestine motives. We must be on our guard and not allow negative influence pitch its tent in and around our lives. The consequences can be so grave for many that they may never recover.

On one of my recent speaking engagements, I travelled with family as we do most of the time. My kids love these precious moments away from home. On this particular trip, I was quite familiar with the various exit and entrances that led into the hotel where we stayed so I decided to play a game on them. Each time we stepped out of our hotel room, I will head the opposite direction away from the elevator and exit (to no place in particular) and everyone will follow me without them realizing the wrong direction I was taking them and then I will turn and run towards the elevator before they realized I had led them the wrong way in the first place and when we get back to the hotel, I will do the same thing and lead them in a different direction away from our room and they all will follow without asking any question including their mum. I did this a few more times, and each time, they all just follow me.

The Lord taught us a great lesson during this trip and my older son still remembers this lesson very clearly. When you follow a person heading in the wrong direction, you will end up in the wrong destination. We must be careful! Many destinies are tied to our life. Whether you are a father, mother, leader, minister of the gospel or whatever position you may find yourself, there are people watching us and following in our step whether right or wrong. Unfortunately, many have been led astray as a result of these. We must be conscious of this fact that it is not just about us and for every soul we lead astray, we will give account unto the Lord. We must not allow our personal interest becloud our sense of responsibility and accountability. People are watching and following. People will follow a good example. Be the one to set a good example then it won't be long before the others follow. Be careful how you live; you may be the only Bible some people may ever read. Understand that the world is changed by examples and not just opinions. Refuse to let the world corrupt you. Above all, God is watching and the greatest Cinematographer is capturing every event and 'behind the scene' action. We will give account before Him, not just for our lives but for the lives led astray through us. I pray that the Lord will help us to do what is right in Jesus name.