Monday, September 16, 2019
Florida, USA

hen our first son was much younger, he got some beautiful gifts from our wonderful team and friends and one of such gift was a medium sized piano. I love music and my son has also shown great interest in music.

As a kid, he loves watching the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry programs and he enjoys the worship and praise sessions a lot. Most mornings when he wakes up, he turns on the TV calling "Granpa Jimmy" (that's what he calls Jimmy Swaggart) and once they start singing, he starts playing on his little drum at the corner and sings along into his own little toy microphone while at the same time trying to play on the keyboard. He is our drummer when we have our family devotion and God help us if he is not able to find any part of his drum. He improvised and turns our body into his drum.

When he got his piano gift, he was excited and we were too but the very first day, he broke virtually all the black keys of the piano. I mean the very first day. When I saw that, I looked at him, thinking on what to do. You could see it written on his face, the look of 'what did I do now, is it not for me to play and have fun with.' He thought it was a normal thing to do. His age could not comprehend what he just did.

Whilst I was lost in my thoughts, The Lord ministered to me (I remember this just like yesterday). "Son, many of my children will not get the blessings they seek because they are not matured enough to handle it."

What good is it to receive a 'blessing' that will eventually destroy your life. Many people clamor for one blessing or another but when they receive these blessings they become oppressors of others. Good character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success. You will know a man of honor and virtue by the way he treats others when he is blessed.

I have seen situation where people have prayed and prayed for a particular blessings and they did not receive it and through divine illumination, they were required to change their attitude and not long afterwards the blessing came. The Lord will not entrust upon you something that will destroy your life and that of others.

You should not be a slave to wealth rather wealth should be a tool through which you will be a blessing to others. While you spend time to pray also look inward to see which aspect of life you need to improve upon so you can be better prepared to handle the blessing because if that blessing is from God, it will not destroy your life. It will not oppress another; it will not leave behind pain and sorrow. Trust God's timing. He knows what is best for you and what time is right to bring forth the blessing. Psalm 102:13 says "Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time, is come." I pray you will not miss your timing. God bless you big.