Thursday, September 15, 2022
Florida, USA

on't run ahead of God otherwise you will not find Him when you get there. Determination and patience are key virtues we must possess if we are going to make something meaningful out of this life.

A guy attended a wedding, after the wedding the reception was a gathering of about 30 people, he sat at the front seat. Then a lady started sharing food. She started from the back and unfortunately, it didn't reach those at the front. When her friends started sharing drinks, they started from the front but unfortunately, he had already changed his seat to the back. Again, the drink didn't reach him.

The guy was so furious and he stood up to take his leave but then he saw three ladies each with a big bowl.

This time, he tried to be wise by seating at the middle. To his uttermost surprise, one of the ladies started sharing from the front...and the second lady started distributing from the back. It was turkey meat. When it got to the middle where he was seated it got finished again.

Feeling so frustrated, he bent his head, not looking at any face...BUT then the third lady tapped him and stretched her bowl that he should pick…he stretched his hand and Guess what was in the bowl? TOOTHPICK

Funny! Isn't it? I know some might be laughing at themselves because you have done this at some point. But the reality is this your placement in destiny is not determined by your physical location. Let God find you and He will allocate to you what is yours. When God has marked you for blessings, nothing and I mean nobody can take what He has prepared for you.

Stay in the Lord. Trust Him. Moving from one place to another in a bid to 'grab and acquire' without the Lord on your side will end up in futility. The journey of life is about timing and we have the 'Greatest time keeper' of all.

He knows what time to ring the bell and it will do us all a lot of good to listen with our inner ears open. Sometimes it could be a bell to alert us of impending danger…it could be a bell to alert us of when to take the next step. Whatever it is, our sensitivity to Him is of utmost important. You just wait on the Lord.

When you wait on the Lord, you will never waste away. For they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. There is a glory in waiting on the Lord that makes a man to mount up with wings like that of an eagle. When you wait on the Lord, you will never end up being a waiter but rather a Pacesetter that birth positive change everywhere you find yourself.

Joseph waited 13years, Abraham waited 25years, Moses waited 40years, our Lord Jesus waited for 30years, if God is making you to wait, do not worry, you are in good company and He is preparing you for an impact that is bigger than you. He preparing to launch you out of His nozzle. Don't be in a haste lest you become a flash in the pan. Think about it!

How I pray for you today that you will not miss it when He calls and that your spiritual sensitivity will be sharpened to know when and when not to move. God bless you big.