Thursday, August 18, 2022
Florida, USA
The Great 'Catching Up'

"It could happen in a moment, In the twinkling of an eye, It could happen in a moment, He could break the Eastern sky, Tho our hearts will feel unworthy, yet how happy we will be,

When the Savior comes from heaven, When His blessed face we see." - Joe Parks

I want to make a plea, please don't live as if there is no life after now. The DAY is fast approaching; It will be a terrible day. The 'sheep' will be separated from the 'goat.' The 'chaff' will be sieved away from the 'wheat'. It will be a day of chaos and worldwide turmoil. A trumpet like no other will be blown and a sound will be heard but it's not the sound of music; only prepared ears will hear the sound and the great 'catching up' will take place. It will be sudden! In a moment, in the twinkle of an eye; all these will be over. The long wait will be brought to an end. The graves will burst open. The sea will give up their dead. Those that have been martyred for their faith will be resurrected to unite with our Lord and King. Genuine believers driving on countless streets in the world will all disappear in an instant while vehicles are still in motion. Pandemonium every where. Husband and wife in bed, one will be taken and another will be left.

It could happen on a beautiful Sunday morning when our churches will be crowded and the 'powerful' Man of God who have failed to tell his congregation the truth is left behind mopping and wailing with his congregation finding it difficult to believe what had just happened. Planes dropping down from the skies because Christian pilot who are genuinely saved will disappear and the plane will be left without navigation. There will be chaos in hospitals around then world as there will not be enough room to contain the casualties that will be brought in. Prepared doctors, nurses and medical personnels will disappear from operating theaters with their patients still cut open. 'Countless millions have disappeared all over the world' will be the breaking news everywhere.

Beloved, this is not a scene from a movie script. It will happen one day, very soon. Nothing will stop it. If you turn on your tv and all you see is the breaking news about countless millions who have disappeared, it means you have missed it. Are you walking right with God? Is your name in the book of life. It will not be funny. Please and please. Make things right. Life is very short when compared to our eternal destination. The Lord will help us all to make it in Jesus. I feel led of the Lord to sound this warning now. Get serious with God please…