Wednesday, August 2, 2023
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Florida, USA

he eagle is the king of all birds. While other birds run and hide from the storm, the eagle flies towards the storm. Its approach to the storm eventually places it in a position where nations around the world use the eagle as a symbol of their national identity. But do you know that the eagle does not get to this enviable position just by its beauty.

An eaglet already has this understanding that it has been created to fly. Prior to its first flight attempt, the mother eagle feeds it with the food from its mouth and makes the place of its nest comfortable with furs and other assemblage. The mother makes sure that the baby eaglet is very comfortable for this period of time. After a short while, by what I have called the eagle's instinct, the eaglet knows that for as long as it remains within the comfort of its 'well furnished bedroom' it can never fulfill its destiny to becoming an eagle who rides on the storm. The eagle does not leave the eaglet to decide the time on its own but from experience she knows when it is time.

The eagle with its beak, removes the furs and 'beddings' that have made the nest comfortable for the eaglet. The once lush 'apartment' for the eaglet suddenly becomes uncomfortable. The eaglet begins to wiggle. Dear friend, God may have taken away the 'furs' and present comfort because it is time to move to your next level. And until you experience this change, you may never see the need for the move that will make you live out your purpose in life.

The mother eagle does not stop there, it mounts up to the edge of the nest of the eaglet and starts stirring the nest, shaking it from time to time. This sends a message to the eaglet that it is time to get out of your comfort zone. The mother eagle as if conveying a message to the eaglet that 'if you must fulfill your destiny, the nest is not your place. You need to begin to get ready. There is something more glorious than the nest and that is gliding and soaring so high without any inhibition.

You know what, it could be God just stirring your nest, the shakings, the unpleasant and unexpected experiences are God's messengers to get you to the realm God originally meant for you. The mother eagle, while still at the edge of the nest, flaps its wings and in the process blows off furs and other materials that could prevent the next exercise. I have come to realize that there is always something responsible for you not being all that God wants you to be. If you must fulfill God's purpose for your life, then you need to get rid of anything that could prevent you from doing this, like the eagle, get rid of any impediment.

There is something that you must overcome for you to succeed. Get to it now. This is the interesting part, the eaglet climbs unto the back of the eagle and holds to the feather on the wings with its beak, once this is done, the eagle glides very high up and takes a sudden plunge and at a particular height, shakes off the eaglet and let it fall from its back with an attempt to strengthen its wings shortly before the eaglet hits the ground, the eagle glides under the eaglet and picks it up, repeating the same process time after time until finally the eaglet with strengthened wings and focused gaze glides away up and up into the sky.

The transformation has occurred, the eagle has arrived. The confronter of the storm is here. Do you think, God will ever allow you to crash? He is training you, getting you ready for the storm. It looks like you are about to hit the ground but no, the Lord will not allow you to dash your feet against the stones. He is strengthening your wings. Getting you ready for your next level. Your story will end well. Think about it!