Saturday, July 23, 2022
Florida, USA

nytime a giant of faith passes on, I cringe with fear. Real fear. Why? I am afraid of the new generation of Christians. I'm afraid when I see the way we're running our own race. The people of God in times of old walked in righteousness, and therefore manifested the raw power of God.

One of such was Prophet Obadare popularly called "Baba Obadare".

Prophet Obadare, founder of Christ Apostolic Church World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry remains fresh in the memories of people, even after his passing on. His spiritual gifts as a prophet made him one of Nigeria's most notable and highly sought-after man of God.

It is a well-known fact that Prophet Obadare was blind, yet one could vividly see the hand of God at work in his life and ministry, as he operates like someone who is not blind. How? In many instances when he called out a scripture to be read, if the wrong passage was read, or if a sentence in a passage was not well read, he would correct the reader. This left people wondering aloud that this could only have been by the supernatural.

But despite his visual limitations, Apostle Obadare was still able to do almost anything that any other person could do, including going to the airport when he needed to travel abroad to preach and even read the Bible.

Prophet Obadare's son, Pastor Paul noted that the ability of his father, despite his blindness, to study the word was a divine intervention, adding that God did a surgical work to allow him to study the word. He added notably that it was divine. "God also ensures He has a more complete understanding of His word. When my father was studying His word and praying, God did a surgical work on his eyes."

Cause of Obadare's Blindness

Apostle Obadare was not born blind. His loss of sight resulted from an outbreak of illness in his home town of Ilesa, Osun State, whereas he was only six years old. A chronic minor pox epidemic caused the eye problem, which ravaged his entire community and cost him both eyes to use. This made completing his primary education at Apostolic Church Primary School, Ise-Ilesa, impossible for him.

His parents' efforts to save the situation and help restore his sight proved unfruitful. He was later taken to a missionary hospital in Lagos, where the hospital's missionary doctors confirmed that his eyes were damaged beyond restoration, but suggested that God had provided him with invisible eyes sharper than ordinary human eyes.

This sounded prophetic and turned out to be what it was.

Obadare Encounters God

This unfortunate incident became a challenge that propelled young Timothy to seek divine intervention, as a consequence of which he met God at the age of seven. In February 1949, he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In 1953 Obadare began his career in the Apostolic Church of Nigeria as an evangelist. No doubt his father who was a pastor with the church influenced the denomination's choice. Brother Paul and Dr Thomas Whayad, church ministers, had organized a revival, which continued until mid-April 1953.

Obadare challenged at end of the revival,felt God needed more vessels to carry His message. Thus, first and foremost, Obadare made himself available to God and challenged God, despite his physical disability, to make use of him. However, he was aware that any man of God needed the Holy Spirit as the most essential weapon for spiritual exploits; and so this is what he decided to pray most doggily.

He forced his mother to lock him up in a room where he embarked on an extended session of fasting and prayer to seek God's power, as the church's two evangelists had shown. On the fifth day of this prayer session the Lord appeared to Him.

On the seventh day, coming out of the room, he went straight to the church where he preached at 10 a.m., for a period of four hours. By 2 p.m. This led to the first of the miraculous events of Obadare's ministry: by his ministry God miraculously healed nearly 350 people suffering from a cough epidemic that had broken out in Ilesa at the time.

There's a special memory Pastor Paul said he couldn't forget about his father. In his own words: "One day, a man came to Akure, Ondo State which he wanted to see him. People told him there were plenty of people waiting to see God's man and he should wait. He persisted, and did not listen to the advice. My father listened to him, and asked what was going on. When a man insisted on seeing him was told he told them to let him come to him.

"When the man saw him, he said he heard that God had been using him mightily, even though he could not see. He told him he wanted him to tell him what type of clothes he was wearing and what colour. Baba said he would compel him to make his request after he spoke, so he could know that his god is koseunti (God of possibility).

"Even beyond his request, he described exactly what he was wearing. The man was visibly astounded. He also told the man that it didn't mean he could see the fact he had two eyes. He said the man's eyes would naturally see only natural things but the inner eyes, as divinely programmed, could see both inner and outer things. The story remains with me to this day. I was especially moved that day, as God showed His supremacy further."

Indeed, the world lost another prophet on the day Prophet Obadare went to be with the Lord. We can only pray that we will not fail in our own assignment as well in Jesus's name.