Friday, July 5, 2024
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Florida, USA

remember the glorious days of Nigerian football. The team that won the African Nations cup in 1994 and also represented Nigeria for the first time at the World Cup same year was adjudged the best Nigeria has ever put together. Many members of that same squad went on to play at the soccer games of the Atlanta 96 Olympics. The most intriguing game was the semi- final match between Nigeria and Brazil.

The Brazilians had the upper hand and by the end of the first half, Nigeria was down by 1 goal to 3. Many people including myself had believed Nigeria had lost the game to the super playing power of the Brazilians but alas, we were wrong. When the second half resumed, the Nigerian team who had their face fixed on the trophy persevered and played their very best and eventually won that game and won the gold medal at the end of the tournament.

Remember, they were down 3-1 at the end of the first half but they came back stronger to win the game during the second half. The first half of the year just ended, you might have lost in that half; your finances, health, family, peace, relationships, career etc may have taken strong blows. Everyone around you had given up on you that you may never be able to rise again. I mean things got so bad in the first half that no matter how you have tried to see through the thick fog, it's all been gloomy and dark with no hope of a sunshine at the end.

Now you are in the second half, this game of life can still tilt in your favor. You need to be determined, ready to break through every opposition. Nothing less than the trophy will suffice at the end of this battle. You must win because that is who you are; a Winner. No matter how bad the first half of the year was for you, I decree this second half will be better. You will run and not be tired. You will not labor in vain. Working like an elephant and eating like an ant will not be your portion. Your sweat will be turned to sweetness.

You will finish this year stronger than ever. We will not read about your obituary. When we hit the last minutes of this year you will still be here. The Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. Your testimony will confound the naysayers. Your life will make sense going forward. It is not over for you yet. God bless you big.



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