Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Florida, USA

n the last article, we saw one of Idahosa's exploits in stopping the proposed conference of witches all over the world, which was to be held in Nigeria. Truly, Idahosa wielded a very high level of power, authority and boldness. His boldness was like that of a lion. There was literally nobody Idahosa couldn't dare.

Once, he, alongside some ministers of God, wanted to see a head of state. On hearing Idahosa was coming with an entourage, the head of state sent a message stating the limited number of people he wanted to see. When Idahosa heard this, he was furious. He dashed into his office and told him they had come to help him and here he was stating how many people he wanted to see. According to the Archbishop, the head of state apologized. There are some who believe that if Idahosa were to still be alive, Nigeria won't be suffering much of what she is suffering as a nation.

This powerful testimony will bless you richly.

Some evil persons had made plans to tarnish Idahosa's image in ministry. They connived with hotel officials to organise a prostitute to sneak in to the hotel room he was lodged in in one of the places he had gone to minister. The prostitute had carefully hidden herself in the wardrobe in the hotel room before Idahosa arrived. When Idahosa finished ministration and entered his room, he prayed as was his custom. After this he went to bed only to be awakened by the noise of "fire!, fire! Help, fire!!" The fire of God had arrested the prostitute. It burnt her so much that there were burns all over her body. Then she started to confess all the plans to bring down the man of God. God had fought for His anointed.

Archbishop Benson Idahosa was a man who had all-night prayers almost every day of his life. No wonder he walked in an unusual anointing. It is also worthy to note that he was a spiritual father to Evangelist Benny Hinn, Bishop David Oyedepo and many others.

What are you doing with your life? Are you paying the price or you are playing around? I pray for a reader of this article that the Lord will anoint you with His power and use you for His own glory. You will receive that power that will make you bold and untouchable in Jesus's name.