Saturday, June 18, 2022
Florida, USA

efore moving on to talk about some of the exploits of Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa, it is necessary to state that he was a Charismatic Pentecostal preacher, founder of Church of God Mission International, and was popularly referred to as the father of Pentecostalism in Nigeria. Idahosa also founded the Benson Idahosa University in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

It is important to state here that many of the testimonies mentioned in this article were said directly by the Archbishop himself in some of the video messages he preached during his lifetime on earth. Once, he recounted of how the whole association of witches in the world held a meeting in Chicago, and decided to have their first world conference in Africa. Specifically, they would have their meeting in Nigeria, and they chose Benin City as their venue. Idahosa, of course, was based in Benin.

The chief host of the witches granted a network interview, announcing that a universal witchcraft meeting was to hold in Nigeria. On hearing this, Idahosa announced that it was not true. The press asked Idahosa, "What do you mean by, 'It's not true?'"

Idahosa replied, "They cannot come, because I'm going to kill all of them."

The press asked the chief host what he had to say to that.

He said, "Not even God can stop this meeting."

The press conveyed this message to Idahosa to which he replied, "He's correct."

"Why?" the press marvelled.

"Because God shouldn't waste His time; I'm here!" Idahosa said in his usual bold manner.

Idahosa said to God, "God, do Your business; leave this one to me, I can handle this."

The archbishop asked, "How many are the witvhes?"

They replied, "Nine thousand, eight hundred."

"Good." Idahosa said.

The media personnels came to Idahosa's house and told him, "Dr. Idahosa, you're taking a risk, be careful."

He replied, "People who take care don't take charge, and people who take charge don't take care. And my Bible tells me, 'Be careful for nothing…'"

They asked him, "Are you ready to face the camera to tell the world what you are saying, and we shall call this man also?"

He replied, "Call two of us."

They were invited to the studio. The anchor of the programme begged that he did not want any of them to die. Then he turned to the chief host and asked, "Are you really bringing 9, 800 witches from all over the world?"

He answered, "Yes".

"Dr. Idahosa," the anchor said, "are you really sure you're going to stop this meeting?"

"I'm not going to stop it," the bishop said, "I've stopped it."

The anchor decided to give them one hour. The chief host was to talk about how powerful witches are, and Idahosa was to talk about how powerful God is. Idahosa agreed, but said to the anchor of the programme, "I agree, but at the end of the programme, you're going to let me pray because I'm going to kill him."

So, it was the turn of this chief host to talk. He talked for 27 minutes, quoting from the Old Testament, the 6th and 7th books of Moses, magical books and Egyptian books. They turned to Idahosa asking what he had to say. He told them he had nothing to say, for "the meeting is cancelled."

The press asked Idahosa, "Why?" Then he opened his bible and quoted the Word of God from the Old Testament to the New, and at the end he asked how many minutes more he had.

They said to him, "Five minutes more."

Benson Idahosa told them, "I want to pray now, for it's time for me to kill this man." Everyone began to panic.

Then he turned to his opponent and asked, "Sir, just answer me one word YES or NO: are you a witch?" The opponent chief host answered, "No". At this Idahosa told him to get away, for if he had answered YES, he would have killed him. The news went all over. The following day, the chief host went to Idahosa's house to collect a copy of the bible. To cut a long story short, the meeting did not hold. What do you call this? Power!

The Kingdom of God is not in talk, but power. God did not anoint you to be a talker, He anointed you to be a doer…

Ask God to charge your entire life and being with His power.