Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Florida, USA

hen my younger son was a toddler, he had picked up some vocabulary and was able to form some sentences. There were times as I stepped out of the house, he would ask me in his toddler's voice: "...your cards?" I will answer in the affirmative. " keys?" I will answer yes. He will then walk up, give me a hug and bid me goodbye. There were times he would cry because he desired I took him with me. As lovely as this may seem, I did struggle many times to understand him when he tried to pass across a message. The big brother and mum understood 'his language' better and they both became dependable interpreters when the need arose. Regardless, there were still moments when they also could not understand him. You could see the frustration expressed on his tender face. Here was our boy, passing a message across but none of us could understand him. He would cry, trying so hard to get us to understand. Sometimes, we were able to figure out exactly what he wanted and at other times we were all at a loss. He knew what he wanted but we could not help him because we did not understand himů

This is not so with our Heavenly Father. He understands everything; our gestures, our thoughts, our needs and our desires. He sees our pains and frustrations. He understands every tiny bit of the details. Before you open your mouth to speak to Him, He knows what you are about to say. He saw you as you knelt beside your bed with your heart so heavy that you could not utter a single word and all you could do was to cry. He knows the reason behind those tears. You don't have to convince Him or devise a means for Him to understand you. You do not need an interpreter to convey your very heart to Him. He hears you and understands you regardless of your language, race and ethnicity. There are about 6500 languages in the world and God understands them all. You don't have to point at what you need for Him to see it. He knows it already. Even to those that could not speak, He hears them from the very deepest recess of their hearts. He has said, "Call upon me and I will answer and shew you great and mighty things that you know not." Wow! What a great privilege to come boldly into His presence. Did you get that? I can have access to great and mighty things that neither I nor the world have any knowledge about if only I can call on Him. When you have access to these great and mighty things, you will end up doing great and mighty things yourself. Why worry when you can pray. Trust in Jesus and He will trust you to unimaginable heights. God bless you big.