Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Florida, USA

omeone said that if you want to be on fire, go close to where fire is burning. That goes to saying that if you want your faith to be ignited, move close to people of faith. One of those people whose faith is to be followed is Archbishop Benson Idahosa. It is not possible to listen to him or read about him and not be ignited, even if such a hearer is dead. Idahosa practically demonstrated raw faith and manifested the power of God.

In one of Benson Idahosa's messages, he once shared how as a young believer he had heard his pastor preached that Jesus told His disciples to heal the sick, cast out devils and raise the dead. In his curiosity, he asked his pastor if that was really true. The pastor answered in the affirmative. He then went further to ask if the pastor had ever raised any dead person. The answer was a NO. Undaunted, Benson Idahosa got on his bicycle and began to look for any house where there was a dead person.

After going from one place to another, he finally saw a house where they were weeping over an 8-year old child that had just died. He was happy. He wanted to demonstrate what Jesus said and did. He went into the house to announce that he had come to pray for the child. Of course, everyone there was stunned. After Idahosa's pressing, he was finally allowed to pray. He prayed, but nothing happened. In fact, according to Idahosa's account, the child became colder. Disturbed, he opened his bible to the passage where Jesus raised a dead child and read it again.

There he discovered that he needed to drive away crowd from the room, as Jesus did. He drove away people, and prayed acommanding the dead child to come back to life. Immediately, the dead child sniffed and came back to life. Idahosa then instructed the parents of the child to give her food to eat, just as Jesus also instructed. Greatly encouraged by what had just happened, Benson Idahosa got on his bicycle to find out another place where he could find another dead. This miracle was noised everywhere. No doubt, the spirit and gift of faith was at work in Idahosa.

There's something spectacular about Idahosa which is to be learnt from the life of this man of God. This is his heart and act of unusual boldness. Idahosa talks and acts like a lion; there's no devil he cannot dare and confront. Idahosa has, on some occasions, had to unseat some political rulers by his declaration. There are also testimonies of real contest between him and the powers of darkness. I'll be sharing this in the next article. Stay connectedů

Stay blessed.