Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Florida, USA

"Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness." Mother Teresa

here is an old story about a lighthouse keeper who worked on a rocky stretch of coastline. Once a month he would receive a new supply of oil to keep the light burning so that ships could safely sail near the rocky coast. One night, though, a woman from a nearby village came and begged him for some oil to keep her family warm. Another time a father asked for some to use in his lamp. Another man needed to lubricate a wheel. Since all the requests seemed legitimate, the lighthouse keeper tried to please everyone and grant the requests of all.

Toward the end of the month, he noticed his supply of oil was dangerously low. Soon it was gone, and one night the lighthouse went out. As a result, that evening several ships were wrecked and countless lives were lost. When the authorities investigated, the man was very apologetic. He told them he was just trying to be helpful with the oil. Their reply to his excuses, however, was simple and to the point: "You were given oil for one purpose, and one purpose only - to keep that light burning!"

This is true about the church today. The resources may be lean but the Source is ever fresh. Presently, so many lights have gone dim or even put out completely. You need the oil to keep the light on. The Scriptures says, 'We are the light of the world, and a city set on the hill cannot be hidden.' - Matthew 5:14. We are meant to be a shinning and a burning light; giving direction and being the conduit through which the Lord will save the lost world. Unfortunately, in our world today the reverse is the case; many who once bore the torch of the gospel are losing their faith and now they need 'The Light' themselves.

The 'roaring lion' is on the loose, ferociously attacking God's people all over the world. This is a scare campaign from the enemy to weaken our faith in the Lord but our God is an ever present help in the time of needs. Keep that light burning. Stay on course and keep your focus on Jesus. Psalm 34:5 says "They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed." Keep looking unto Jesus. Are you experiencing some challenges in Ministry? Keep looking unto Jesus! Have you been blackmailed and ridiculed because you have chosen the path of righteousness? You just keep your gaze on Jesus and you will not be ashamed.

There is so much pressure to change the message of the gospel and even now a lot of people have succumbed to that temptation. Jesus is no more the core of our messages. Our messages are now focused more on how to prosper and live the good live. In as much as there is nothing wrong with teaching people these principles, let us make Jesus the foundation. The prosperity gospel has gradually taken the place of righteousness. The emphasis of our sermons every Sunday is how we can nourish our bodies and yet impoverish our souls.

The people get fat and sumptuous but at the end their soul is banished into hell because we fail to keep the 'light of Jesus and His Righteousness burning.' No wonder, the church has lost her relevance. The world doesn't look up to the church anymore because we are more or less like them. Gone are the days when Kings go to the Priests and they are told the mind of God without fear or favor.

Where are the John Wesleys, the Finneys' the Jonathan Edwards, and the John Knox of which the queen of Scotland remarkably said, "I fear the prayer of John Knox more than all the army of Scotland." They paid the price but we are comfortable receiving the prize. We need to go back to 'Bethel' where we first met the Lord and seek His face for Restoration. May the Lord have mercy on His Church and may heaven count on you to be a torch bearer for His Kingdom. Think about it!