Sunday, January 21, 2024
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Florida, USA

here was a time when our younger son mistakenly locked the door to one of the rooms in the house and I have to try to open the door with one of the keys I thought would open the door. I stood there fiddling with the lock and key hoping to get the door open. I had thought "this should be the right key. I must have opened this door with the same key in the past." After several effort, my wife came to my rescue. She knows where every thing is kept. She said with a smile "that is not the right key" even without trying it out. She brought the right key and bam! the door was opened without further delay.

And here comes the Holy Spirit once again with His lessons. "No matter how long you try, the wrong key can never open the right door. Many times we have stood before a door we thought we are familiar with trying to get through it with a key we thought was the right key but no matter how hard we try, that door will not open for as long as we do not use the right key. There are doorways that leads into our breakthroughs and elevation but most importantly, we must apply the right key of prayers to open those doors. What prayer does is to connect you with the door keepers responsible to grant access through that doorway. We waste time and struggle trying to use the wrong key. We must be discerning to know what key to use at any given point of our lives. Some times, there are people that recognises keys better than we do; we need such people around our lives to make our journey in life easy. Maybe if my wife was not home, I would have damaged the door. She understood what keys to use for what door. I pray for you today as you read this that the Lord will connect you to the door keepers with the right keys to let you through to your place of fulfilment and rest. God bless you big.