Tuesday, January 5, 2021
Florida, USA

appy New Year to you. Thank God you made through the stormy 2020. Not so many were fortunate. Though the coast is not clear yet, but I have come to encourage you that you must not fret because God has got you covered. The same hand that sustained you in 2020 will see you through this year.

The life of Isaac should be an encouragement to us. Regardless of the storms he encountered, God saw him through. A careful look at Genesis 26 details the journey of Isaac. You will realize the scriptures started with a testimony of the victory and the greatness experienced by Isaac. The scriptures did not address his travail first but talked about his success and achievement. What a great lesson for us, when the Lord will turn away our captivity, we will be like them that dream. When God is through with you in 2021 people will talk about God's goodness before they even remember what you have suffered before now because He has got you covered

I want us to explore this scripture together and glean some lessons that will help us navigate the Year 2021.

Sow in the land: Verse 12 - Put something in to get something out. Discover your land and sow into that land. If you sow into the wrong land, it will be overgrown with weeds. Understanding your land tells you the kind of seed you can sow into that land. Your seed could be your gifting. Where are your gifts needed? Your land could be your career or the place of your work. Some of us are in the wrong land. If you are in the wrong land, you will be treated like a third class citizen. Finding your land gives you liberty to be all that God wants you to be. In your land, what people consider as barriers and stumbling block is a stepping stone for you. The seed you sow is very important. Whatever a man sows he will reap the multiples of it. You can't sow corn and reap 'pomo'. It is an anomaly to plant a seed and reap the seed in return. You cannot plant maize and reap a single maize back; you will have several cobs of corn. Hear this, the secret to an harvest is sowing, if after you have sown and you do not have the desired harvest then it is either there is a problem with the seed or the land, you need to change either of them or even both.

Be A Wax in God's Hands: Verse 13 - God molds people into greatness. Be a wax in God's hands and He will wax you into greatness. He can take you from nothing and wax you into greatness. Bear in mind that the process is not an easy one. God may need to prune you and chisel the rough edges from your life. The journey is far and you need God's hands on your life to work on you and prepare you for the journey.

You must go forward and grow to become very great: Verse 13 - You have dwelt on this mountain for so long. It is time to move forward. God plays His own part by waxing us to greatness; you have a role to play by going forward and growing in Him. It is time for you to move from you being available to a place where you are desirable. Greatness beckons. It is time to move forward and grow.

Be Ready to be envied: Verses 14; 16 - Envy is an evidence that God has been gracious unto you. You cannot stop people from envying you. When the story of your life changes, then be ready to be envied. When you begin to see that, it tells you that something is changing for the better for you. You must not take this for granted. Don't get too comfortable and forget the God who has brought you this far. Keep your relationship with Him intact

Carve a niche for yourself: Verse 15 - That your parents were prosperous does not mean you will carry on with that level of prosperity. We have seen this repeated over and over again. You must be equipped with the wherewithal to create wealth because there are 'Philistines' waiting to shut down your well and frustrate your efforts.

Men will push you to your leap - Gen 26:17- 21. Some of us may be fired from the place of work for us to discover our purpose. Some may be talked down at and stepped over for you to move to your place of elevation. Sometimes there are people that will even cause trouble for you; it's all part of the package so you can enjoy the leap into your greatness. Albert Einstein said, "thanks to all those who said no to me, it was because of them I did it." Some people will not move into their destiny until they have been pushed.

Persistency and Consistency with Divinity will help the year make sense for you. Verses 22-25. You will observe that God did not appear to Isaac before now. He was the invincible hand that was moving Him forward but when he got to the place of rest, the Lord showed up to activate the next phase of his life. God called to remembrance the covenant He made with Abraham. At the place of the fulfillment of the promise, always remember the covenant. I have also realized that there is a relationship between the covenant and the altar. God's visitation here ignited the covenant the Lord made with Isaac himself because He built an altar. Our altar is very important as we move ahead in this year. It is a place of your meeting with God and you must not allow anything to come in between you and God.

The People that drove Isaac out came back to beg him. Hear me; your promotion is not in the hands of a man. Those that had laid traps for you, thinking you will not become all that God wants you to be will come back to make peace with you because God has got you covered. You must also trust God and forgive them even before they show up. Don't forget, they did not discover water in the well that was dug until Isaac made peace with the people. Forgiveness activates God's blessings.

You must persevere and be consistent in what you do. Isaac was persistent. He never gave up, when the world served him lemon; he made a lemonade from it. Going through several rejections, he kept on going and never gave up. He was consistent with what he wanted, he kept digging well. He knew that was what he wanted. He understood this and everywhere he went to, he will dig a well, then came the day when he met with Divinity and he never had to fight another battle afterwards. The Lord brought him to His rest.

When the world throws dirt at you this year, keep shaking it off until you get to the top. Keep forging ahead and don't fret because God has got you covered. Praise God!