Sunday, January 5, 2020
Florida, USA

"And as they were loosing the colt, the owners thereof said unto them, Why loose ye the colt? And they said, The Lord hath need of him. And they brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus thereon. And as he went, they spread their clothes in the way. And when he was come nigh, even now at the descent of the mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works that they had seen; Saying, Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest." (Luke 19:33-38 KJV)

rom our scriptural text, the scripture did not tell us how long the colt has been tied on that spot but what we can bring out from the text is that, when it was time for the colt to be loosed, not even the owners could stop it. I decree into someone's life as you read this, that no man or demon will be able to stop your liberation. From our scripture, when they said, "the Lord had need of him" that was the end of every questioning. Dear friend, The Lord has need for your life this year.

Can you imagine if the president of the free world calls you and said, 'I need you' I can imagine your response, but we are talking about the one that is greater than all the presidents of the world combined requesting you release your life to Him. Another thing I realized is that, until the colt was loosed, it was not possible to bring it to Jesus. Whatever hinderances tying you down from getting to Jesus will be removed this year.

No man has ever sat on the colt before now. What a honor for the colt to have Jesus be the first person to ride on it. You know one thing I discovered, the people placed their garments on the colt all because of Jesus. Friend, when Jesus calls for you, believe that honor will come out of it at the end. That was not all, they 'set' Jesus on the colt and spread their clothes in the way. I hope and pray you will allow Jesus to ride on you this year. The world is sick and Jesus is seeking for men He can ride on to reach the world.

It's possible to talk about the weight of Jesus on the colt but dear friend, the Lord didn't promise us it will be an easy ride but He said, His grace will be sufficient for us. There is a glory that is in it for you. Until Jesus was 'set' on the colt the people did not lay their garments on the ground for the colt to walk on. Serving the Lord comes with honor. Your glory and honor in The Lord is directly proportional to how much you allow Jesus to ride upon your life this year. I pray that this year will be your most remarkable yet and that all your wishes and desire come to pass in this year and beyond. Trust the timing of God much more than you do the promises of people. God bless you big.