Monday, January 1, 2024
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Florida, USA

magine a football match without a goal post. Twenty-two players running aimlessly after the ball without the goal post in sight will be a mere exercise. Imagine a World Cup without a referee. There will be no rules and checks for the game. All manner of fouls will be brought in and if care is not taken, all manner of weapons will be employed just in a bid to outdo the opponent. Imagine a World Cup without the spectators. The World Cup will be boring as there will be no one to cheer the team or jeer at the opponent. Imagine a World Cup without a trophy to fight for.

Your journey in life without a goal or purpose is just an aimless stroll. One of the things that leads to burnout is running the race of life aimlessly. Just like the football match, success will not be yours if you not do operate by some set rules and principles. Success is govern by principles and a violation of such principles will spell doom.

Have you observed that a player on the field of play is not confronted until he has the ball. The moment he has the ball, he becomes a potential threat to the opponents, if nothing is done to wrest the ball out of his control, he might go ahead to find the back of the goal post and his team crowned the winner at the end.

This explains why you have been subjected to attacks. Your life is a threat to the opponent, the devil. He knows for as long he comes at you from all sides, you will be distracted and not able to see ahead of you. He is coming against your finances, your marriage, your health all in a bid to take that 'ball' from you. He knows for as long as you 'kick the ball of prayers and righteous living' you will find the 'back of his net' if nothing is done to stop you.

A player that cannot be stopped is eventually brought down by the opponent. They don't care if you get injured in the process. Listen beloved, the devil will do all it takes to bring you down. If he cannot succeed to take away your 'ball of prayer life and consecration to God' he will go for your spiritual jugular. I have seen many mighty men fallen flat on their faces. The good works they have done all forgotten in a moment. At a point, they seem invincible.

But just in a moment of weakness, they slipped and fell and the centre could no longer hold. Great ministries have disappeared into oblivion, great empires had fallen like pack of cards, great business conglomerates that were once the toast of many had hitherto closed their doors simply because, man's greatest enemy had succeeded in bringing them down on the 'field of play.' That is why you must be watchful and vigilant. "Let him that thinks he stands, take heed lest he falls." You must run faster than the slowest demon if you must finish your race well.

There is no football match without an end. No matter how fast or slow you run this race, it will come to an end some day. Run your race well because it is how you end that will matter at last. Don't be distracted by the cheers and jeers of the spectators. They will not be there with you when the time comes. They will not be the one to lift the trophy when you win. Think about it! God bless you big.