Onyinye OyedeleWednesday, December 30, 2009
Ontario, Canada



onsistency is the capacity to keep the same principles or standard. It is stability, reliability, and regularity. Consistency is definitely a key factor in achieving effective and lasting results in any endeavour. It is certainly a life skill that if cultivated early will help to develop potentials. Consistency requires hard work, commitment, sacrifices, and risks. If an individual or nation hopes to get good outcomes, the price for consistency must be paid. It is a worthy course to pursue and the results are lasting and dignifying.


Biographies of great achievers depict lives that demonstrated perseverance at a task or skill which they are renowned for. Despite rejections, ridicule, criticisms, and even poverty, they continued and believed. The consistency of their character was also paramount in helping them achieve their desired goal. One can truly appreciate the journey of great achievers and learn how to be consistent in a chosen profession or a goal, through their story. Sportsmen and women know the value of consistency in regards to preparations and training. When they cross the finish line as the champion or lift the trophy in a tournament, it is the reward for countless hours of consistent training.

Consistency also means agreement and harmony. Fostering togetherness and oneness in a home, organisation, or country is definitely a priority. Creating opportunities, atmospheres, and discussions that will encourage unity is commendable. Building a bond that yields lasting result is one that effort and time, should be put into. In one's personal growth, it is important to surround and be exposed to people, teachings, and materials that reveal the truth consistently. They say, "The truth is bitter." But that truth is needed to make a better life. May we find friends, relatives, colleagues, and mentors who we can be accountable to, and will help to guide on the right path.

Finally, the Almighty has given another opportunity to draw close to Him. Consistency is a necessary ingredient in maintaining an intimate relationship with Him. In all pursuits and ventures, let a consistent vibrant faith be a core value, which will help to set the pace for a productive life. Consistency is a virtue that will add value to an individual.