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Ontario, Canada




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

hristmas is not about decorations! Oh, really? I wish children could understand that. But a well deserved salute to homes and public places that look like Chrismas "headquarters" with lovely displays of the nativity scene, lights, and intricately woven wreaths. It is indeed a spectacular time of the year and it's amazing the goodness and beauty all around. But above all, let hearts and homes be open to welcome the Saviour of the world…Jesus!

Enjoy the poems in this Christmas Collection; That Night, Thrifty Christmas, Tree Top, and The city of Light.

That Night!

Doors were shut-

The Inn was full,

Not even a raffia mat to spare!

They were tired, hungry, afraid,

And maybe even confused;

For how could heaven allow it-

Hardship for the unborn Saviour?

That night was tough-

A night of rejection,

A night of questions,

A night of worrying, waiting, and wondering,

But a hopeful night!

The saviour would indeed be born,

Just like every other baby,

But Mary and Joseph knew-

It was not an ordinary night!

Thrifty Christmas

Dazzle on a dime?

Make the home look Christmassy!

But oh no, why are Christmassy stuff so pricey pricey!

Oh dear Mary, did you spend a dime on that silent night?

For they stayed at a "thrifty" manger-

A makeshift cot made of straw

Well, they really had no choice!

Baby was wrapped in "maybe" mama's knitted blanket

I wonder if Mary even had a baby bag!

Ever wondered what the Shepherd's wives did?

Maybe a food and clothing drive,

Oh, they must have loved on them!

What a glorious Christmas...

Maybe a "thrifty" Christmas indeed!

Tree Top


Christmas trees

with dangling ornaments;

balls, socks, harps, bells, crystals.

The opulent tree points up to heaven-

And when heaven looks down, the star at the top smiles!

If that tree was a life, I wonder what its tree top would look like-

Joy, peace, gentleness, patience; excellent dangling ornaments indeed!

Let them dangle for all to see and feel! Let your light shine!

Let it sparkle

At the tree top,

let Love


The city of Light

Parisians and people from all over the world,

Amazing and artistic display of lights

Reflecting from the Eiffel tower with radiance

Incredible wonder with ambiance,

Sights, sounds, and "sparks" felt across the globe!

Thrifty Ideas

  • Check out charity stores for decorations and amazing bargains.

  • Look out for slightly "damaged" decorations in stores and negotiate for further discounts. With some glue and creativity, you can make the object look brand new!

  • Street "junk" often left on the curb by neighbours could be a treasure indeed!

  • Shop for decorations after Christmas…clearance deals!

Decoration on a dime pictured below:

  • Advent candles and mini wreath candleholders (downsizing gifts from a friend).

  • Candle Stand (a neighbour's junk!)