Onyinye OyedeleSunday, December 17, 2017
Ontario, Canada


group of 3rd and 4th graders wrote interesting pieces introducing themselves to their new creative writing teacher. As they unleashed their likes and dislikes, a student wrote, "Welcome to my world" at the end of her essay. A profound invitation for a sneak peek into this young life! What does your world look like? This festive season, "Joy to the world" a classic Christmas carol rings true as it beckons to usher Joy into your world! So make room to receive garlands of Joy!

The hallways, streets, malls, and homes are meticulously decked with elegant garlands; stunning designs captivating the eyes and reflecting a sense of beauty and grandeur. I hope your world is decked with "garlands of Joy"- Decors of grace, courage, and strength to make your world brighter and stronger. As the sound of carols leaping over the garlands alerts you to the season to be jolly, let it be an invitation for you to "enter" into Joy. It is often a struggle to stay in the place of joy or to choose Joy at all times- disappointments, heartbreaks, fear, sorrow, loss, and self pity holds one back. Joy seems fit for those who have everything going well.

However, Joy is not about happiness. Some times when laughter seems so far away and all you can do is smile, it is okay as you continue on your journey to Joy. Joy is in knowing that the Almighty has got you in the palm of His hands and you are not alone in your struggles and pain. As we celebrate Christmas, imagine that Joy is being dished out this season by the ONE who gave it all..... Joy is this season's "must have"....So get it and enjoy it! Wishing you "garlands of Joy"......