Onyinye OyedeleFriday, December 16, 2005
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Ontario, Canada



ur hearts bleed at this point, we can not comprehend, words can not express what we feel. What can we say or do to take away this pain. Oh God we need you now more than ever. What are you trying to say to our nation? Is this your handwriting on the wall? This is certainly a wake up call. How can we console parents? How can we console husbands, and children? How can we console churches? Above all, how can we go on …….We need you lord now more than ever.


We cry and we hurt when loved ones go.
We are tempted to ask "why God why?
We hurt so badly we loose our strength.
When saints are gone it is all right to cry.

We remember their sweetness
Their voices echoe in our heads and hearts.
We still have their pictures,
We still see them on our screens
Speaking the truth that they always believed in.
We cry again but we know that they believed in something.
We know that they did what they were called to do here.
We must pause in our sorrows and celebrate them and their message,
Because they dared to launch into the deep and spread their believe.
When saints are gone, they believed in someone high above.

I remember sitting patiently near my radio
Every Sunday morning,
Just to hear those precious words from her,
She loved families, she had a passion for righteousness,
Then she was taken away from us
I am tempted to ask "Why God why"
Our precious jewel, your words will echoe in our hearts.
You have helped to build the foundations of many,
I know so many will line up to say thank you on that day.
I salute you general.

Precious little children, oh sweet little angels,
Your sweet carols went up to Heaven.
The angels are singing it too.
We will miss everything about you.
We will miss your chatting and giggling,
We will miss your presence,
We will miss your gentleness, openness and trust.
God loves little children and I know you are called His saints.
When saints are gone, it is okay to cry, tear your garments,
Wail and fast, for God is afflicted with you and He cries with you.
But we must pause and say thank you for the life that they lived.
For just one moment that we spent with them, we will say thank you lord
That we were privileged to know them.
You will never be forgotten. No one can take your place.
When saints are gone, we are reminded that we will also be gone someday.
Are you ready?

The memory of the righteous is blessed.

Onyinye Oyedele is a former BEN-TV London News anchor.