Friday, August 23, 2019
Ontario, Canada


Colourful woven basket $4
Floral skirt $4

hrift stores, garage sales, vintage shops, antique and flea markets - perusing for treasures in other people's castoffs could be a delightful hobby! There are also mom to mom sales for children's stuff. Bartering over prices gives one a sense of adventure and a feeling of "winning." Online second-hand stores like eBay, Kijiji and many others are booming with thrifty bargains. People are no longer rushing off to buy new stuff...Reuse, Reduce, Recycle is now the fashionable mantra. Frugality is trending as people continue to look for ways to live within their economic realities.

Second-hand shopping has always thrived in Africa but recently it is being "frowned" on and was banned in East Africa. However, it is the opposite in the Western economy. Do you know that, "second-hand shopping is a $28.5 billion economy in Canada?" It is a booming sector and reusing things helps to prevent a lot of stuff ending up in landfills and creating more environmental problems. Bargain hunting is for all season, but especially in summer when the outdoors beckon. It is a wonderful time to go out, look, and who knows what "trash" you can turn into treasure? Even kids have great eyes for thrifty stuff! And best of all, thrift items are tax free! Want more free stuff? Check out some curbs and see what people throw out!

In addition, you can support your favourite charity shop for a good cause. Below are photos of some fabulous finds! Top is the African fabric patchwork apron which was actually brand new! I hugged it and triumphantly matched to checkout. Are you looking for something unique? Check out a charity shop - keep an eye out for good deals and grab it when you can! Warning.....You might become addicted to Thrift stores!

Three Thrifty Tips:

  • No price tag on an item? Just ask and you could get a randomly discounted price

  • For clothing with minor damage like a stray button or a sewable rip, one could get extra discount

  • For home decor, house ware, and furniture: look for unique details and designs or items you can customise

African fabric apron $3
Giant metal spoon- wall decor $4

Daviva sequence blouse $3