Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Ontario, Canada

t was Friday night and we were watching a "family- friendly" movie. During the previews, I got overly excited when the superhero "Voltron" defender of the universe graced the screen! There is something surreal about five lions coming together to form a huge action figure with exceptional super powers. My excitement puzzled the kids. Voltron was one of the ultimate superheroes back in the 80's along with SuperTed! I was catapulted into my childhood of black and white TV, which was often whacked on the side or top to get rid of the fuzzy screen. We are all fascinated by superheroes -Batman, Superman, Black Panther, Avengers, Spiderman, Iron man, Marvel, Wonder woman, and so many others. Interestingly, we have every day superheroes that never make it to the big screen or receive any accolades, but they are shaping lives and the greater society... Mom is not a fictional character, but she saves the day and keeps the bad guys like hunger away!

Moms have a quiet strength used to "defend" their family as the nurturer and caregiver. Moms are superheroes doing small and big things to keep the family alive! She might wish for super powers to do the laundry and ironing! Clean the house by clapping. Snap a finger and the kids will be ready for school, or prepare sumptuous meals by staring at the ingredients. Wow! Great wishes....I don't know how moms renew their strength each day to help keep the family engine running. Imagine what happens when mom calls in sick!

Moms are every day heroes just doing the mundane activities of life and being there for little milestones. Those little things add up to a lifetime of family life. Moms are not the product of science fiction or imaginative fantasies. They make mistakes and often don't get a chance for a retake! They are real and active. You know them, you see them, you can touch them, and they don't wear any costumes to carry out their tasks. Sometimes, pyjamas all day is the way to go! In fact, they have no grand entrance like superman. Moms are not perfect. They are ordinary people doing ordinary things in a world where more of the activities are calling for super powers! Moms just take it in strides and do it all over again the next day...that is a superhero endowed with grace!

Moms Matter

Moms matter
She is always there to cater.

Moms matter
She is often the left over eater.

Moms matter
She is always the family waiter.

Moms matter
She is the dirt hater.

Moms matter
She is the best baby sitter.

Moms matter
She makes life sweeter.

Moms matter
Love her now, not later!