Thursday, May 11, 2017
Ontario, Canada

aughter "overdose" is necessary for moms to survive and thrive on the journey of mommyhood! Laughter can be on the to-do list. So while you are here, get a dose and remember some of your mommy moments. Enjoy the following "it could happen to you" or "it happened to you" snapshots.

*     *     *

               Scene 1

Imagine racing back to the grocery store to pick up a forgotten box of cereal. The jumbo size cereal you grabbed because it was your toddler's favourite and on a special deal! The cashier remembered the lady with the colourful outfit and grinned motioning you to customer services to reclaim the cereal. It was a short queue. Hmmm, on your triumphant return home you realize your blouse was worn inside out the entire time.... For cereal's sake!

               Scene 2

Imagine falling down "yakata" (with complete abandon) in front of your children. You were entangled by a maxi dress/skirt while running after the kids to dish out some discipline. Ha! Did the children freeze, try to help or wonder if they should laugh, cry or keep running?

               Scene 3

Hmmm....what about doing an almost mid-air flip on a slippery icy ground at your kid's school! And then landing on your back..... Talk about skating by force! A parent rushes over to see if you are okay. You are dazed.... just saw stars.....body aches, but thankful that it happened when the kids had gone into their classrooms! Ha!

               Scene 4

Imagine.....Okay.....what do you do when your kids ask if you stole something as a child? Aha!

Mom: (Laughing and also thinking..... "How do I escape this question o? Ah, dis children sef!) Emmm.

Kids: mom, pleaseeeeee can you tell us? Were you tempted to steal something?

Mom: Hmm, okay. Let's see. Yes, I remember stealing something.

Kids: Mooooooooom! You stole? What did you steal?

Mom: Okay.....I stole money...maybe ten kobo or 20 kobo in Nigeria.

Kids: Whose money was it? What did you do with the money?

Mom: Okay, okay........ I think I wanted to buy a chewing gum called Bazooka or I wanted to play a game to win a big balloon (bolom bolom). So I stole the money from my aunt's purse. She was living with us at the time.

Kids: Oh nooooo! How were you caught? Did grandpa and grandma know?

Mom: I can't remember how I was caught but grandma made sure that the mouth I used to chew the bazooka or blow the balloon saw "pepper."

Kids: (Laughing) so grandma spanked you?

Mom: (Gesturing with her arms) Oh yes! Really hard.....I saw stars!

Kids: Did you cry?

Mom: Yesssssssss! Eh, so what have you been tempted to steal? Or what have you stolen?

Kids: Grinning

     *     *     *     *

May is for Moms................Happy Mother's day!