Onyinye OyedeleMonday, January 29, 2007
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Ontario, Canada



ooking at a five Naira note recently amongst 500 and 200 naira bills courtesy of a visitor, it brought back some memories. Five-Naira note gave me a ride home, sometimes a quick snack of puff puff or Nasco wafers back then. One could also get food like a piece of meat or some plantain for that price especially on campus. You can also give it as church offering or alms to the needy. When you listen, watch or read about exchange rates i.e. how the dollar or pound measures against the Naira, you will begin to value our currency if you live abroad. You hear of the "cash flow" in our country and when you convert it to pounds or dollars, you can't really comprehend why we are said to be among the poorest nations in the world despite our natural resources.

One of the first mental adjustments you make when you come abroad is to stop converting currencies in your head when you want to buy something from a shop! You feel the fabric and look at the outfit over and over again. Then you look closely at the price tag and do the math and conclude that you could get something better at Balogun market! After a while however, you will have to get on with life and start spending based on the environment and the standard of living in your new country. So for those back home, sometimes depending on what is really important to you, if you are given money instead of a pair of shoes or shirt " from abroad", you have a better gift with a higher value based on our naira.

The role people play in our lives varies from time to time. No man is an island, we are designed for relationships. People should also be of great value to us. There are friendships, associations, business partners, relationships and so many others that are important to us. When we treat people with respect and dignity no matter their status in life, it shows that we value them. There are some people that when we think of how they have helped to nurture us in the past and presently, you just know that they have a special place in your life.

In a nation, a company, an organization or an institution, there are people past or present that are of great value. When you think of their positive contributions to the advancement of the course of the body that they belong to, there is no doubt that they are pillars of progress. Wherever you find such people, you can count on them. It is also true that we protect what we value. So if you value your nation, family, friends, job and your life, you will do as much as you can to show it.

Lastly, when I think of some other things that are of value to an individual, "faith" comes to light. Your belief is very important because it is the center point of every other aspect of your life. Your decisions always come from what and who you believe in. Defining moments and life changing decisions spring from your faith. So I encourage you to believe in the Almighty God. Let a relationship with God through Jesus Christ our lord be the ultimate value in your life.