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e all need groceries and toiletries. Some are breakfast and lunch staples that run out quickly. So for some people, everyday, week, fortnight or once a month you have to make that choice to get the best bargain when shopping for groceries. It could be a place close to your home or a place referred by a friend. Or maybe you saw some “sale” flyers or adverts and you decide to try the supermarket. We need our basic necessities so we do not mind how far we have to go. We even set aside special days, or wake up very early to beat the queue in some shops.


Grocery shopping is really an experience. It is different for everybody. When you take the children along for shopping, it does not always go as smoothly as you plan. Some shops are small (corner shops or convenience stores) so you may not be able to push your kid’s buggy (stroller) inside. It is almost like driving…. you have to reverse, make a u turn, put on the brakes in some places, and incline at an angle to climb some bumps! You also have to look for “ramps and elevator” signs in the mall. It is not also easy to shop for groceries while pushing a stroller. Well, you can use the basket beneath the stroller and combine it with the in store basket in one hand. If you are strong, you can push the shopping cart too! ……….. hope you don’t push down an aisle of groceries! Or you can put the child in the cart. They are specially designed for that too. But if you have more than one kid…….well, we have got to buy our necessities so whether it is convenient or not we will figure out a way and hope that our children will co-operate for some minutes. However, we also have to be prepared to change our plans at anytime or cut short our shopping experience.

Finding the right time, place or “mood” to shop could be difficult sometimes. But because we know the importance of taking care of our needs and stocking up, we go out of our way to shop. It might be inconvenient, but it is necessary. You don’t want your refrigerator empty and the children asking you for bread, waffles, sausages, egg, juice and milk! Or discovering that there is no soap for a shower or washing up liquid for your dishes! Oh my!……there are some days when there is so much drama in the home!

Finally, thinking of the inconvenient choices we make when we need to get our basic necessities, one picture also comes to mind. Have you thought of how inconvenient a choice it was for God to give up Jesus, His only Son? He had to send Him into the world as a gift to us. It definitely was not a “convenient choice”. But He had to think of another way to restore man to Himself after “the fall” in the garden of Eden. So Jesus was sent to redeem us. Jesus had so much He could be doing in Heaven, but He left it to attend to a more important need …the redemption of your soul,….. “a Necessity”

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Special Addition

How to make Crab stick and Egg sandwich

Ingredients…Crab sticks, egg, mayonnaise, magarine or butter, cream cheese, fresh tomatoes and some sliced bread.

Kitchen aid: small food chopper/processor.

  • Boil one egg.. Remove the shells and slice into four parts.

  • Defrost four crab sticks. (You can buy these from the seafood section at the supermarket. It has been finely processed and packaged into individual sticks)

  • Dice crab sticks into tiny cubes with a knife.

  • In the food processor/ food chopper add 3 teaspoons of butter, 2 teaspoons of cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise.

  • Add the boiled egg and chopped crab sticks into the processor. Puree/blend all together. Keep in a bowl.

  • Slice tomatoes into rings and keep in a plate

  • Put some crab stick and egg filling on one side of sliced bread and garnish with two or more rings of tomatoes, cover with another slice of bread. This filling can last for 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

  • Slice into two halves or quarters……….go on and enjoy your sandwich.

………..For a variety of tastes you can alternative crab sticks with corn beef or meat luncheon. You can also puree sweet corn into the paste. Also add lettuce along with the tomatoes for more garnishing.

See pictures below……