Onyinye OyedeleMonday, January 6, 2014




igeria is in an era of a Mega Construction boom! The influx of foreign contractors with high tech equipment and workmen even in hinterland villages has become a common feature. The task of building, rebuilding, renovating, and managing infrastructure, are laudable ventures to embark on. The aim is to give the nation a face lift, improve living conditions, and provide valuable services and amenities for the people. However, when these tasks have no time limit for completion or tangible evidence of work in progress, it becomes a pain to daily living; especially for commuting. When would the "ribbon cutting" ceremony take place? So, from the high traffic laden Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, railway construction and road expansion on the Badagry expressway in Lagos, to countless multiple developments underway in the country, the New Year is another opportunity for these "Projects" to start, continue, and possibly reach completion.

It is quite unfortunate to see resources go down the drain as a result of innumerable abandoned projects and even houses left for grasses, animals, and hoodlums to take over. It is time to breathe life into projects that have been left to rot for many years! It might also be time for individuals to stop procrastinating and delve into personal development projects that will add more value to life.

One of the most reputable and sort after certification right now is that for Project managers! It seems there is a global demand for people with the ability to oversee various kinds of developments....from building constructions to telecoms and many others. It also entails managing people, time, sourcing for quality materials, logistics, and funds allocated to such projects. It is the ability to "deliver" what you promised and the integrity to honour the terms of the Project contract. Completing a project is a responsibility that should be carried out with dignity, urgency, and respect for the people that would benefit from its completion. It gives confidence and makes you credible enough to be trusted with more ventures.

Projects can be quite daunting. It takes a lot of discipline and focus to start and finish a mission. There are many distractions, challenges, disappointments and unforeseen circumstances that can deter the end goal. But one should stay committed and maybe take smaller steps to accomplish what has been set out to do. The completion of a Project brings satisfaction and a sense of progress. Noah completed the Ark, Moses finished the Tabernacle, Nehemiah rebuilt the Walls of Jerusalem. Whatever Projects you dream or anticipate this year, with God on your side, let it be done with excellence.

In addition, a project might not even be at a high level in the public domain, it could just be managing your home.....oh my...that is indeed a lifelong goal! Children are like "Projects" and interestingly there is no manual or certification process for parents! You stumble, learn, and pray along the way....

In Conclusion, God almighty is the most reliable and efficient Project Manager of the lives of His children. This Year, He is ready and able to build, rebuild, mould, and shape your life. He is also able to chisel and remove all irrelevant materials that stagnates your journey.