Professor Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.Tuesday, November 7, 2017
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Fellow Nigerians, according to President Mugabe of Zimbabwe,

“When a white man creates a phone and you video

chat with your brother you call it technology but

When your grandmother in the village use a mirror

to see you in the city you call it witchcraft. It’s about

time we value our African products.”

n my reaction to this above statement when I saw it on” WhatsApp,” I said “I am with President Robert Mugabe on this.” I agree with him on the above statement that has been credited to him irrespective of whatever Africans and the world may have held against Mugabe, proper or improper; irrespective of other “sins” which I may have disliked that Mugabe may have committed what he is advocating and promoting now in this recent statement of his, I stand with him. President Mugabe is calling for what I have been advocating for Nigeria over the years to command world respect and become progressive as an African Power. In this statement of Mugabe, he wants Africans to recognize witchcraft as a potent power indigenous to Africa and, he advocates that Africans should respect and value products that are native to Africa; that Africans should recognize such products that are manufactured by Africans. Of course, in our various villages, many “Obonokpotso”(female native doctor) and some of our grandmas who while sitting in the village are watching and guarding their children in the cities through hand-held mirror or looking glasses, which is similar to the Whiteman’s astronomer and his/her telescope.

I am aware that in my other discussions, treatises and mediums over the years, I have argued and called all our governments and state authorities to recognize witchcraft as an African Science. I have also explained that such recognition by all within our polity will empower the witches and wizards of our land to become progressive and constructive in all their activities, nocturnal or broad daylight. I have cited several examples to illustrate the benefits derivable from such recognition. One of such example is Ghana. Late President Kwame Nkrumah recognized the witches and wizards of Ghana as soon as Ghana became Independent.

To this day, I would argue that Ghana appears to be more pleasantly received, accepted and respected by foreigners outside Africa than Nigeria. I am not unaware that many Ghanaians impersonate Nigerians overseas. When they are asked, where you from are in Africa, they would quickly look around to see if there is a Nigerian nearby; if there is none, they will claim to be Nigeria. They appreciate Nigeria, but Nigeria does not recognize itself.

It has always been difficult for Nigeria to defeat Ghana in most soccer matches. (smile). I do not know if Ghanaian witches and wizards have hands in that. Secondly the Russians call witches and wizards the wise ones or people with wisdom. A reason they went to Ethiopia to understudy the witches and wizards there for six months; and returned back to Russia to set up the Russian Defense Academy with which the Space Race began. It is with the knowledge they acquired from the Ethiopian witches and wizards arguably that they sent a Sputnik to the moon. Go and ask the Russians and see if they will be truthful enough to say that it is with an ancient African Science they started their Space exploration.

The same neglect and lack of our respect and value for our own African products is one of the reasons my pleadings over the years for the recognition of witchcrafts as an African Science has not been recognized. Our officialdom has not considered it as something important to be exploited. Our state authorities prefer foreign expert advice with whom they can always make unholy deals to defraud our nation. If I were a Chinese or an Indian, my agitation for Nigerians to recognize witchcrafts as an ancient Art and Science of our people would have been taken seriously and accepted as a supreme advice. By day time they will condemn and criticize our witches and wizards as evil and satanic that should not be tolerated in the society. But by night fall, many of the same officials who are looking for whatever it is, for their own personal progress; promotion, success in their private businesses, or looking for spiritual power to demonstrate to a neighbour or an opponent that they are more powerful; the one whose wife is unable to get pregnant to have a baby, all of these same people would run to the witch native doctor to seek spiritual remedy. And they do get the assistance, yet by daytime witchcraft is satanic and evil.

Many of us have seen and heard of some of the feats that the witches of our continent have performed in all kinds of situations and circumstances. The Nigeria Presidential election of 2015 is a recent example that displayed the knowledge or power that our witches can exert on a situation. Nigeria was at the brink of total collapse from many quarters. In May of 2005, an agency of US government, the United States National Intelligence Council, had predicted in a Conference Report titled “Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa’s Future,” that Nigeria will break apart. To work toward the break-up of Nigeria, Boko Haram, a terrorist insurgency was deployed by enemies of the Nigerian state.

The Jonathan Administration requested external assistance to allow the defeat of the murderous criminal gangs of Boko Haram; Jonathan’s genuine request was turned down under a flimsy excuse that Nigeria had not obeyed Human Rights. But at the time, Boko Haram did not believe in Human Rights as the terrorist gang was killing innocent defenseless citizens’ enmasse almost every day including the abduction of over 300 under-age school girls by the gang.

Through intuitional and keen perceptive analysis of the situation it became clear to this author that the prediction that Nigeria will break up will occur if swift action was not taken to rescue Nigeria. I decided to challenge the witches and wizards including the traditionalists of our country. I wrote two separate open letters to the two neglected large groups of Nigerians, the traditionalists and the witches and wizards, asking them to come out of their hiding to assist the country in the face of the enemy’s threat which I knew they can wade off. Both letters were published through mass emailing to Nigerians at home and abroad, and in many of our national dailies including the NigeriaWorld about the months of May and June, 2014. I had also called on the country’s authorities to use the traditional methods to deal with Boko Haram, (see Ojior, “NIGERIA: Deal With Boko Haram the Traditional Way” 2014.) Following my publications certain things happened in the country not untraceable to the indigenous traditionalists and the witches and wizards of Nigeria. Snakes and bees invaded the Sambisa Forest where the insurgents had made their hideout. At the same time the witches and wizards of three states in the North, Adamawa, Borno and Yobe summoned a confab of Nigerian witches and wizards that held in Afuze in Edo State, (see Ojior, That recent Afuze confab of witches and wizards: A Welcomed Development in Nigeria) and (Nigeria Needs Your Fatherly Attention: An Open Letter to Traditionalist of Nigeria) Also see below an email from a friend alerting me to the effect of my open letters.

We Witches and Wizards

Sat, Jul 19, 2014 6:26 pm

William Adikhai [email protected]


Ojior [email protected]

Witches declare war on Boko Ha...docx (23 KB)


It looks like the witches and Wizards finally listened to your advocacy about their inolvement in the Boko Haram war. See attached. It leader who is also Dr. is from Afuze.

William Michael-Adikhai
Post Office Box 90314

Los Angeles, CA 90009
Tel: 310-866-2269

News of the impact of my open letters was brought to my attention by far away friends. See news bellow of the activities of the mysterious snakes and bees at the Sambisa Forest:

“Mysterious snakes, bees attack Boko Haram in

Sambisa Forest

Thursday, June 26, 2014


MAIDUGURI-Some members of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, arrested yesterday at Mairi ward behind University of Maiduguri by members of the Civilian JTF vigilante group, have confessed that most of them are fleeing the Sambisa Forest to areas across Borno State owing to what they believe is spiritual attacks from mysterious snakes and bees, which had killed many of their leaders.

According to Kolo Mustapha, one of the arrested insurgents, "most of us are fleeing because there are too many snakes and bees now in the forest. Once they bite, they disappear and the victims do not last for 24 hours.”

William Adikhai [email protected]

To Ojior [email protected]

Mysterious snakes.docx (22 KB)


I had thought that you would write or call me upon reading the attached aritcle to claim credit as to your suggested approach to deal with the Boko Haram situation in Nigeria. It is only the poor members that are made to remain in the forest that are at the mercy of the snakes and bees. The sponsors are living good within the country and will never have to worry about the snakes and bees.

You can blow your horn now and take credit for the actions of the snakes and bees. At least some of the wiches and wizards read your article.

My regards

William Michael-Adikhai
Post Office Box 90314
Los Angeles, CA 90009

You may need to know that after the nocturnal meeting of the Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN), according to media reports, the body called a broad day light Press Conference in Lagos in which the Chair of the Confab, Dr. Okhue Iboi addressed the Press. He revealed that at the conference the witches were deeply worried by the events in the country. He further revealed that due to the situation, that the WITZAN had invited Indian and Kenyan witches to help ensure that the 2015 Nigerian presidential election was held successfully without any problem while Nigeria remains intact as one country. Dr. Okhue said at the said press conference that the witches had agreed and said that the election will be held successfully and that Nigeria will remain.

I was in the country and witnessed the situation. The country was tensed up as most people in urban cities had all returned to their villages in anticipation of the predicted crisis. But to the surprise of everyone including some of the Imperialist countries who had come prepared to reoccupy Nigeria should an interethnic war break out; the elections came and gone and Nigeria persists to this day. We all saw how President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came out to accept the results of the election which ended the predicted crisis and the breakup.

What I have stated here so far was enough to make Nigerians sit up; have respect and value local products, and recognize Nigerian witches as practicing an African ancient Science.

Many Nigerians need to like and respect local experts. It is all around us. Our Textile Industries are all closed down. Our people need to buy the fabric made from our textiles industries to keep the industries in operation; and our people, men and women, including children, boys and girls all ought to prefer locally made dresses made of our locally made fabric which are better than foreign fabrics that are not even comfortable as our own fabric in our climate. This is why I am with President Robert Mugabe on the subject of recognition and appreciation of our own products, knowledge and our local expertise.