Monday, January 28, 2019
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igeria and Nigerians, by dint of nature, with the size and the population bestowed, the country is meant to be the leader of the African continent. In other words, Nigeria has all it takes to be the pride of Africa and the world against the wishes of the imperialists. This can be only if southern Nigerians politicians and business leaders can improve in their political culture, conduct and behaviours. Especially they must curb their appetite for hush and blood money, self-centeredness and greed which Ekphei people of Etsako/Apemhai calls mhokpa ia le, na khi khe lo veh. That is, selfishness or self-centeredness correlates to, "it is me or I alone who must eat", and the consequence of such greed always results to a soured belch with bad and corrosive odor or smell that follows from the mouth of the self centered individual. The characteristics of greed and self centeredness is the reason or why southerners in Nigeria are not united with political direction and focus against political prostitution, divisions and squabbles at the regret of our children and their future advancement. Therefore, for Nigeria to become a viable country to provide the leadership that Africa needs including the need to play its befitting role in the world community, Southern Nigerian and Middle Belt politicians must stop and learn how to realign their political focus of the country.

Nigeria has almost everything that Nigeria and Nigerians need to make the country a progressive and developed polity. In Nigeria exists most of what makes a country great, resourcefulness, natural resources, industries, human capital, and high caliber of educated persons; intellectuals with enviable capacity, technical know-how and ability. In spite of the level of the strength of our country, we have remained static un-yielding to human growth, infrastructural development and political advancement. In a country in which knowledgeable persons with the skills to do what is needed and intelligentsias were to be decision makers or those citizens of the country were to follow to achieve the desires of the country, contrary has been the case. Those who have less to offer the country in terms of knowledge and understanding of what growth and development are have been allowed with bidding power to direct the country to nowhere leading to conflicts, irresolution and deprivation. This statement is without prejudice or antagonism against other ethnic groups that make up the entity called Nigeria. Southern politicians ought to know the right thing to do.

I am not a politician and I am not in politics nor am I partisan, but it is a subject that I teach with an understanding as a Nigerian. However, based on what I know and what one is reading in the Media and what one gathers from research, I have come to conclude that precisely, Southern Nigeria politicians of the South-South, South-West, South East and the Middle-Belt of Nigeria need to unite to form a block of one political opinion and focus. Such a union will bring about a political understanding that leads to how the people of the country can save themselves from what the former colonial British wants to be - a divided people without political consciousness and direction. The Igbos need to be united, the entire Yoruba land needs to speak with one voice, and so are the Calabar people, the people of Edo land, the Tiv people, Idoma people and the people of Plateau, all in the Middle Belt Region. These groups of people must have one political vision with a view to come to the aid of our indigenous Hausas of the North who need the South to be able to get rid of foreign invaders in their midst. This is with a view to saving the entire country, from North to South, and from East to West; save the country from Fulani headsmen and Boko Haram all, which President Muhammad Buhari has called the foreigners that are killing Nigerians.

The unity of Southern politicians and business leaders is imperative as it will allow Nigerians to correct the fraudulent imbalance and disequilibrium created by the British in the structure of the Nigerian nation. The disequilibrium and imbalance that has brought about in the country misplaced political power and instability, disharmony amongst the ethnic groups, corruption in the body politics and the country's economic system, and poverty in the midst of plenty, need to be dissolved. There is need for honesty and accountability in the country. Southern politicians will be able to unite if only they can learn to curb their appetite for hush money from those who have the political power but do not know how to effectively use it for the betterment of the country and its people due to ill-preparation and ill advised priorities.

It is important for Southern politicians and voters to think correctly. For example, almost in every election, voters in the North due to their trust in one another are always voting en-masse for a northern contender, which I cannot condemn because it is what they know to do. But in the South, contrary is the case because they are yet to trust and like each other. Southern voters are use to voting for whoever brings to them a bag of rice and some salt. Such bag of Rice and Salt has always come from their frontline politicians who prostitute with those who are looking for votes to buy in the South with a view to divide Southern votes because they know southerners are not together in thought. As a result, many voters in the South always sell their votes. This culture is political immaturity that comes from thoughtlessness and lack of political orientation.

To illustrate the above correctly, the 2015 presidential election is a good example. The former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in his first term in office, he genuiningly concentrated all his efforts in the North. He constructed many roads and high-ways there thinking that with such good gesture, that Northern voters will vote for him because he was very sure that if he gets the votes in the North plus whatever votes he gets from the Southern voters that are not always together, he will win the election for his Second term. But he made a big mistake because no Southerner can buy votes in the North because Northern politicians and theirs voters have an agenda that is different from what Nigeria's political agenda should be. This is my political calculation right or wrong as of now. Those who are blaming former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for not thinking of his area in his First term may not be correct. Northern voters' behaviour in this aspect speaks of unity, the love of self and have trust only in themselves.

To dissolve the above type of political behaviour that is not helpful to the country and its people in terms of progress and over all development, Southern politicians and business leaders must change the political culture and orientation that has not helped the country and the people. This is why we have to congratulate Oby Ezekwesili for her decision to abandon her candidacy to the presidency at this coming election. Madame Ezekwesili gave way that Professor K. Bosah Chiedu Ayodele Moghalu and Mr. Omoyele Sowore, either may have the chance to solidify their votes to win the coming election. She believes in consolidation and coordinated effort or energy in order to avoid getting the wrong person elected again. This is exactly what the entire Southern including the Middle Belt politicians should do, to destroy the bidding power along with wrong structure devilishly created and fraudulently allotted, so that our country can be saved for ever against the quest of our adversaries.

Let us look at the following analogy; philosophically, it is said that a part is equivalent to the whole, but cannot be greater than the whole, and so it is in a Democratic system of government. In a democracy, a person or a group of persons cannot impose their will on the generality of the people of a country as it will amount to dictatorship or oligarchy. The same applies in a country with a number of ethnic groups and states. No one ethnic group or one state in a Democracy should arrogate power to rule the entire country, to itself at the expense of the entire country and its people. In Nigeria, this type of situation has occurred repeatedly due to the fractionalization and divisions brought about by politicians in the South of Nigeria. It has allowed one fraction of the country to exercise undue political power, to impose a no-political will and or determines a no-political direction for the country. The attitude or behaviour must be brought to a stop in order that Nigerians and Nigeria may move on progressively within Africa and comity of nations.

Finally, a united political behaviour and trust, devoid of self-centeredness and greed are a must for Nigeria to be saved for future generations, and to be a home that all Nigerians and Africans can be proud of. In the coming election of February 16, 2019, therefore, vote for the Right person and not for a political party because, it is a person in the long run or end who determines what is to be done and what policies the party follows to produce desired goods and services for the people of the country.

In the name of Osinegba, Oghena, Osalobua, Olorun Olodumare, Chineke, Ubangidi, or God, Nigeria and Nigerians are blessed. GOOD LUCK, Itse