Augustine C. OhanweMonday, December 4, 2017
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he lure of the green pasture
that turned into a quicksand
that ensnares
as our citizens have become lunatic nomads.
Is it the lure of the abyss
occasioned by loss of faith
in their government?
Even in war time there is romance,
but not so in slavery and servitude
in Libya.

They sleep in order to forget.
We have robbed them
their rights and privileges,
and they have nothing to inherit.
Is hell a place or a state of mind?
our citizens in Libya
are swirling in hell.

Plato and Aristotle would turn
in their graves,
on seeing,
how the politics
they exalted, has embraced
Bierce cynical definition of politics
as being a verbal mask that disguises
the pursuit of self interest
and private advantage,
instead of being people-oriented.

Should we not fall in love,
with leaders,
who, make their countries
a model, and a place to live
with basic human needs
at their citizens' beck and call?
A country where creative and fertile minds
are not allowed to sour,
and their creativity attracted to fraudulent designs?

A country where domestic policies
are unable to push her citizens
outside the shores of their countries
in search of food, or become regulators of anarchy..
Should we not invite them,
to the festival of new alliance,
to partake in the banquet of
community oil bean salad?