Friday, August 24, 2018
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ot far from my uncle's yam barn
the spider web hangs like the gossamer silk.
Its strands, laden with dew drops,
glitter in the morning sun,
like crystal tinsel.

Often lured by the morning gale,
to engage in a dance,
imitating a smooth jazz rhythm.
Who would not be wowed
by the intricate web,
woven by the spider,
spurned with interconnecting threads,
tangle lines with fascinating maze?

A construct of spiraling orb web,
strong, stretchy and gummy,
positioned to catch prey for food
and prevents its victim
from switching out or escaping.

Its victim when entangled,
is quickly immobilized,
silk swathed and wrapped for dinner.

A masterpiece design
by a small creature,
and with no formal education
in the art of weaving.
The spider web,
what an amazing architecture.

But in some countries,
their laws resemble the spider web,
it allows big creatures to pass through,
but catches smaller ones.