Monday, August 15, 2022
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t bleeds profusely,

and her citizens cry desperately,

not on ad hoc basis,

but continuously as days roll-by into months

and months plunge into years.

Many have huge appetite for food,

but nothing on their dining table.

The dire situation provokes

the urge to immigrate

in response to the push and pull factor.

Many are citizens with fertile brain,

armed with documents

to buttress their claims,

but unable to stamp their feet

on the sand of time.

A group of youth unable to convert

stumbling blocks. into marvelous stepping stones,

cling unto drug consumption

to release themselves from the biting effect of

economic and political cul de sac.

And the effect of the drug

whose sobriquet is mkpurumiri

makes him an idiot or madman,

that behaves in a bizarre fashion,

compelling relatives to watch him with care,

to prevent him from committing suicide.

Once a student, and profound thinkers,

but now ruined by a political system,

and unable to realize his dreams.

Drug has colonized his brain and makes him

see things that do not actually exist.

Give him a paper and pen

to write his name,

and he would scribble devil�s signature.

Engage in constructive discussion with him,

and he would utter plenty of disjointed

conglomeration of absurd bereft of ideas

and devoid of verbs, punctuating them

with hilarious laugh and nose picking,

a symptom of peculiar malady..

One wonders why citizens of my nation,

should suffer in the mist of plenty.