Wednesday, August 9, 2023
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he game of chess,

the brainchild of Palamedes,

fashioned in no other way, than the tarot.

Yes, they hold the same combination

and the same symbol the king, the queen,

the knight, the soldier, the fool, the tower,

and the house, representing members.

In bygone centuries, when women wore jigida,

chess players sought upon the chessboard,

the solution of philosophical,

and religious problems

and argued silently with each other,

in maneuvering hieroglyphic characters

across the members a game for the use

of aspirants for initiation.

Politicians worldwide have hijacked the game

of chess and have dishonoured its application,

showing that politics is not a morality play,

but a ruthless game of power,

In politics, the guilty is often whitewashed

and the innocent constantly blackmailed.

With clouds of witch hunt over the chessboard,

a deadly strategy is used against personalities

or politico-religious movements

with intent to deceive or eliminate opponents.

Their chessboard is guided by touts and tugs,

with unrivaled reputation for barbarism.

They strip citizens of freedom,

and hold them in bondage.

They have thrown decency overboard,

and are repelled by the force of truth.

But when the smooth and sharp sword of justice

breaks, anarchy gathers its pieces to forge daggers,

The bat will never be a friend of the sun.

Gold do really rusts in the hands of peddlers.

I have barred all to the world.