Wednesday, July 8, 2020


part from the number of fatalities,
not minding the painful dislocation
of world economic system,
indifferent to world citizens being
confine in solitary confinement like recluses,
drinking parlours being as quiet as cemetery,
I care little about the conspiration theories
swirling around,
I cannot, but with horrifying admiration,
view how the corona virus/bacteria
has tamed and humbled us all.

A creature with no ground troop or military equipment,
no command of naval and air powers,
yet it has grounded the entire world to a standstill.
A soldiering virus that know no boundary.

But so squeezed are the possessors
of intercontinental ballistic missiles,
war arsenal that has quantum killing capacity,
yet the usurpers of global power play ,
have, with bended knees, cowered
before the invisible creature,
which spares no nation,
from greatest sorrow an despair.

Confirmed individuals are not free
from oozing aura of fear,
fear of the prowling virus, and no ones knows
the next port of call of the harvester of dead,
or when it will retreat

It has rendered the most power nation powerless,
dwindled our collective ego,
and had made us to swallow our bruised pride.

It looks like a hell-bent blood sucking deity,
as it lucks lives with impunity,
lives of young and old, rich and poor,
kings and queens, princes and princesses.
and with rapid overall, it looks at it activities,
and with sadistic smile, it leaves the greatest griefs,
to the families of its victims.

Is not the virus more horrible than horror and
more deadly that death?
Is it not father of all nightmares
as state' morgues and cemeteries seem to have
exceeded their welcoming capacities?

A virus at odd with life,
proudly creating an empire of death,.
Its presence drives away fraternal banquet,
as obituaries replace felicitations.