Monday, July 2, 2018

SHE (Poem)

(Secondary school years remembered with appreciation)

vents do come and go,
but memories do persist
and do not perish as tomatoes do.
I must travel back through the memory lane,
to recapture how it all happened.
Cloudy weather and thunder
controlled the sky the day she visited.

Entered and sat down straight,
her willowy legs crossed demurely,
her hands resting on her laps.
She unleashed a smile
and heavens stood still.
A lady of remarkable beauty
delicately chiseled by nature
and loaded with oomph and allure.

Her sparkling eyes,
a wonderful apparatus
that fathom the depth of human heart.
Her presence banishes cloud and gloom
and inaugurates a limitless sea of happiness.
Her smiles generate the sunshine
that can make flowers grow.

Her velvet touch,
is like a caressing evening breeze,
it inspires every atom
in your body to thrill with joy.
The sweet nonsence
she whispered
into my left ear, I will not reveal.

Did I ever take her out
for a moon bathe?
Yes, I did.
I remember haven hoed the bushy weeds
that grew along the footpath we walked,
and held her hand tenderly,
as we walked and talked
along moonlit night.

We relaxed
on the sandy village square
and gazed at the bright full moon
and twinkling stares to our fill.
Had a cool night breeze bathe,
allowing the caressing breeze
to permeate our skin pores
and invigorate our whole beings.

I listened to her "once upon a time" story
with deserved calm attention.
with my head resting on her bosom.
but made a hearty laugh
when the story turned funny,
I sneezed twice and she blessed me.
We walked back home
with sweet memories,
and roller-coaster joy,
the passage of time will never wipe away.
SHE, a lady among ladies.