Thursday, June 20, 2019


cience, what a wonderful religion!
Proud to be one of its largest congregations.
Physicists are our infallible high priests,
and proton, neutron and electron our archangels.

Atomic theory is our scientific mantra
through which our high priests
ascend into atomic nirvana; to do what?
To harness energy for the well-being
of human race, ecosystem and world peace.

The type of peace that visited Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
and Chernobyl and will eventually
visit the people of uxuland.
Our atomic god must destroy
in order to recreate
in keeping with our law of reincarnation.

We do not stone our prophets.
Our hackles are raised
when people of other religions
scorn the wisdom of our sages.
We often categorise such fellows
as people who dwell in Plato’s allegory
of the cave or private madness
becomes their portion.