Sunday, April 24, 2022
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he linguistic architecture of the world history is simple

to comprehend, and need not be decoded as we do in idioms.

But its verbs, suffixes and prefixes are strangely mystifying

to many of us born without sufficient intellectual equipment.

Lucky Luke, my grandfather, a noble pagan philosopher,

left the key to this puzzle and almanac of bygone centuries,

in the dusty cellar of historical achieves for posterity.

History has shown that what is fashionable today,

turns archaic tomorrow, and that nations succeed

each other as individuals do


Today, the world political temperature has risen

under a handsome red cloud tinted with a dark hue

that emits pungent smell.

The political actors of superpowers� extraction,

in bellicose postures, exchange verbal grenade:

flexing muscles and luring opponent to a field of quicksand

that can ensnare, and offering the world no oasis of peace,

but left to tremble with the grip of fear.


The actors� antennae of wisdom is broken at the crossroad

of inflated ego avenue where red light beams

and green light confined to indefinite siesta,

blocking the narrow path to resolutions.

Both powers have attained the climax of their fame,

but one must give way to other in keeping with the language

and dictates of history.


Spain and Portugal once controlled the world

under the Papal Bull of Demarcation.

The English, the French and the Dutch later joined the fray

to dilute their dominance; and they harvested the profits

from their overseas� territories as a result of colonialism,

and trade, both legitimate and illicit.

All the powers got weary, and faded after the World War 2,

giving rise to the two superpowers � Russia and the US.


And the two superpowers have maintained a frightening arms race,

and operate with mutual distrust and suspicion of each other.

Their utterances contain much gall and no honey.

In their camps, hate is neither asleep nor dead.

They shake with one hand, and conceal with other a sharp dagger.

What they have attained in elevation and perception,

they seem to have lost in terms

of being in touch with grass root realities.


Will Russia and the United States ever clash?

My take remains absolutely yes.

Their obsession with weapon of mass destruction,

upgrading them on yearly basis is not for decoration;

it is for preparation.

It merely echoes an enthusiasm for nuclear Armageddon

that will give birth to a new world borne out of nuclear purification �

a type of scientific baptism.