Augustine C. OhanweFriday, April 20, 2018
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ored with the unhealthy politics

in the polity,

and fed up with the political gimmick

of whitewashing the guilty

and blackmailing the innocent,

where a fox is a saint,

and the dove, a carrier criminal.

Uncomfortable with media advisers

using propaganda hype

to make grotesque exaggeration

of their master’swork,

I encase my feet in simple canvas,

and into the womb of the wood I strolled,

to mingle with nature,

and offload my pains

occasioned bymental fatigue

induced by dirty politics.

While in the wood,

nature filled the air with stillness,

yet I could hear the voiceless echoes

of the hymns of history cascading down

with interlude andcadence,

and birds in their flight sang sweet serenade.

Enjoyed the aroma of therapeutic herbs,

that soothed many days

of overheated mind

and troubled heart.

Observed the different communities

and governments in the wood –

community of worms

In their burrows

where they relax in piece.



Amazed by the beautiful architecture

of the ants, and how they paraded

along well ordered line of duty.

Captivated by the intricate webs

woven by the spider.

Gawped at mating flies

on the glossy greenleaf.

Entertained by squirrels

playing hide and seek,

Listened to the buzzing

of the bubble bee.

And of course,

I did gaze at clouded butterfly

as they flutter lazily

from plant to plant feasting on nectar

and pollinating along their way.


I stood and stared at detached leaves

before the howling wind,

twirling until they carpeted the ground.

And as the day drew to an end in sun set,

I left the forest where truth could not be distorted

or mingled with fable.

March 18, 2018