Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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emocracy, in its cool mien,
stood still and watched,
while the crushing waves
of our election
swept across the nation.

Like the tectonic force,
it caused quakes and tremours
leaving in its wake
casualties and fatalities,
whose tolls,
not only proved alarming
but hair-raising.


And the same democracy is forced
to sigh,
with death rattle
escaping from its throat
like incense smoke.


Is violent election not like a hell
that turn life into an orgy?
But of what reason do we shed blood
for power and glory?


Mayhem, ballot stuffing
and snatching,
militarization of polling booths
and disenfranchising,
do they not reduce us
to the barbaric level
of the cave man democracy?


An political power,
when abdicated
by men and women
with intent to serve,
and hijacked
by political buccaneers
would they not retain power
for themselves,
not to the people?


And emptying of public treasury,
to them would be good governance,
an act that drags the nation
to a closed alley
and pave the way for anarchy to reign.