Sunday, March 6, 2022
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aught in a stretchy, dangling, gummy web
of not easily erasable history,
and cornered by geopolitical algebra
of the two opposing superpowers
in a trying time.

Hell's door is not yet open,
but I can see hell
in the eyes of citizens,
as I wrap myself in African batik
and watch, as events unfold
in a graduated sequence,
with each ugly event
succeeding the other
in successive bewilderment.
Would the scenario result in WW3?
A regional conflict, methinks,
but has the potential
to metamorphose into a global conflict
should the opposing superpower
changes gear from arms supplier
to direct intervention.
The bone of contention
revolves around history, expansionism,
and security concern,
The icy wasteland of Europe,
to the steamy forest of Africa
and to the rest of world
would feel the radiation
of the intercontinental ballistic missile,
when unleashed
except the cockroach
with its endowed immunity.
Art seems long,
but time flies as if on wings
and diplomacy has no seat to sit.