Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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ot far from the Amadioha shrine,
where stale smell of palm wine dregs,
and aroma of alligator pepper
stab oneís nostrils,
the awesome structure
of the anthill stands still.
amidst dwarf tropical shrubs.

A solid abode
that withstands torrential rain,
structured to accommodate
all the antsí clan,
palaces for their queens,
chambers for others,
and stores,
that house food for the rainy day.

A feat accomplished
by creatures determined,
and focused to the core
than human sluggard.

Glued to their animal socialism
and division of labour,
they produce
an amazing dwelling home,
one would not hesitate
to stand for awhile
and get wowed
with delight and wonderment.

Are ants not small in size
but big in efficiency?
Only humans ,
repelled by the force of truth,
will deny their enviable skill
with a wave of hand,
instead of bestowing on them,
a shining badge of honour