Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Pontifical Urban University, Vatican City (Rome)
n 28 November 1989, there was an important Joint conference of all allied major Islamic organizations, which took place at Abuja, Nigeria. The Abuja Joint Conference issued a landmark Communique, in which they sealed the fate of Nigeria for the Muslim world (forever).

At the Abuja Islamic Joint conference, the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC) and its allied organizations confirmed Nigeria as an Islamic country and asked the Northern Nigeria-controlled Federal government of the country to do something urgently to show the whole world that Nigeria is truly an Islamic nation-state. Successive Federal Governments, always controlled by the Northerners, from the time of Ibrahim Babangida to the present regime of Muhammedu Buhari, have just be trying to achieve that.

As I wrote elsewhere, this was the symbolic significance of what Buhari did at his Inauguration Day on May 29, 2019, after his second term election as President of Nigeria, by carrying a Sharia law bag in taking oath of office. It was meant to show the whole world, especially, the Muslim world, that indeed, Nigeria has been declared an Islamic State, and the government of Buhari is here to accomplish that goal forever.

Among the member Islamic Organizations present at the 1989 Abuja Joint Conference and Declaration were the following:

- The Islamic Council, London.

- The Organization of the Islamic Conferences (OIC).

- And the Newly Founded Islam in Africa Organization (IAO).

The Abuja Joint conference marshalled out some strategies on how to make Abuja, Nigeria's Seat of power, the new headquarters and center of spreading Islam in the rest of Africa. Thus, President Buhari carrying a Sharia law bag for his swearing-in ceremony on May 29, 2019 at Abuja, wanted "to show the whole world that Nigeria is truly an Islamic nation-state." For him and the Islamic world, it was a mission accomplished. That is why he had to rush to Saudi Arabia immediately after that show to receive accolades from the OIC member-states and the Saudi Monarch, meeting at the OIC Plenary Assembly at the time.

In fact, to appreciate Buhari's gesture and symbolism of the Sharia law bag he was carrying at his Inauguration Day, it suffices to refer the reader to the following two paragraphs from the Final Communique of the 1989 Abuja Joint conference. In their Communique, the Abuja Joint conference, among other things, issued the following statements:

"The permanent headquarters of the Islam in Africa Organization (IAO) shall be in Abuja, Nigeria. The steering committee has been assigned the special task of the details establishing the IAO in Nigeria, including structures and the constitution within six (6) months. The conference decided that the steering committee should also work out detailed plans for transforming a national political party in each member nation into a National Islamic Party, and that the National Republican Convention (NRC) of Nigeria should be made to serve this purpose in Nigeria as the only recognized National Islamic Party of Nigeria. These political parties so approved shall be the only ones to produce the leading (executive and legislative) functionaries. The NRC of Nigeria and other parties shall have their names changed to reflect the Islamic nature of their purpose."

Continuing, the Communique says:

"The conference further agreed and decided that the IAO should, for the time being, operate from the facilities of the Islamic Council, London, not from that of the OIC (that has become too controversial in Nigeria). The Joint conference, finally, rectified the admission of Nigeria as a full member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), and thanked the Government (of Babangida) and people of Nigeria for having generously donated US$21 billion to the Islamic Development Fund of the OIC, and sincerely requested the Federal government of Nigeria to implement all policies and programs of the OIC to show the whole world that Nigeria is truly an Islamic nation." (NB: For full text of the 1989 Abuja Islamic Joint Conference Communique, see the official website of Islamic Council, London).

All these imply that what we have today at Aso Rock, Abuja, is a group of religious bigots and ethnic irredentists, implementing the 1989 Abuja Declaration. This is why most of them at Aso Rock Villa and other prominent Northern Muslim leaders and politicians, don't care at all about the cry of ordinary people about what is happening today in Nigeria under the watch of President Buhari. Because, most of them are power-driven individuals, who want to turn the whole Nigeria into Islamic State in West Africa. As well as to achieve their personal interest of turning the spoils from the country into their personal fiefdom and mercantile vessel, hand it over to the highest bidder among their foreign sponsors and partners in the Islamic world and their Western allies. They are Cabals been used by some international based radical Islamist organizations, the Arab league of Islamist countries, led by Saudi Arab and the powerful OIC and its allied Islamic organizations.

These groups recruited Buhari, the Miyetti Allah, and the Aso Rock Cabals working with Buhari, for the actualization of their Islamic project in Nigeria. Unfortunately, they have the blessings of their Western partners because of our Oil and other mineral and natural resources that abound in Eastern and Niger Delta of the country. And also, in respect of the unholy alliance between Saudi Arabia, the Muslim world and Western powers.

This is precisely, why President Buhari left the Eagle Square on that fateful day of May 29, 2019 without delivering the traditional inaugural speech of a newly sworn-in President. He had to jet out of the country immediately to Saudi Arabia to attend the meeting of the OIC. This tells us where the heart and mind of this man is. Certainly, the aspirations of all Nigerians, especially Christians, moderate Muslims (including many Nigerian Fulanis who don't agree with their evil agenda), and all other non-Fulani Ethnic-nationalities, are very marginal for the man and his administration.

This is why he spends more time travelling between London and Saudi Arabia at any given opportunity. It is as if Nigeria under President Buhari is been governed from London and Saudi Arabia, under the archaic medieval Monarchical Feudalism and theocracy operative in those countries. They do this because they know Islam does not prosper under well-organized liberal democracy but rather under colonial patronage, military dictatorship or Islamic theocracy. That is why they want kill democracy in Nigeria to enthrone Islamic legal system and governance structure.

Thus, the President's total disregard to the rule of law and federal character principles as enshrined in the 1999 Nigerian Constitution. For the past seven years he had been in power, he sacrificed equity, justice, and fairness on the altar of ethnic irredentism and religious bigotry, military and police impunity and recklessness. He empowered his tribesmen and killer-herdsmen to carry AK47, as well as some radical Muslim terrorist groups operating in the North, sometimes, the security operatives, to massacre innocent citizens, destroy villages and farmlands of indigenous populations of non-Fulani ethnic nationalities in various parts of the country.

He sacrificed also inclusive leadership, balanced political appointments in government offices, federal character principles as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution, to pursue a primitive Islamic fundamentalist agenda of discrimination, ethnic and religious persecutions and bigotry, in a multi-religious and multi-ethnic nation-state like Nigeria. That is why from day one of this administration, the President chose to work only with people of his ethnic clan and religious configuration, those who share his ideology, in a total disregard to the federal character principles in government appointments as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution.

The Long History of Nigeria's Romance with OIC

To be fair to Buhari, however, Nigeria's romance with OIC has long history. What Buhari did on May 29, 2019 (and has been doing since he came to power in 2015), was to make a spectacle of it, position and advertise Abuja Federal Capital Territory as the new headquarters of Islam in Africa.

General Yakubu Gowon was the first Head of State to take Nigeria to OIC during the Nigeria-Biafra War. This was one of the reasons General Emeka Ojukwu alerted the world that the Nigeria-Biafra War was a religious one. That one of the primary objectives of the federal government for the war was to execute the extermination of the predominantly Christian Igbos in South Eastern Nigeria. Unfortunately, the world powers refused to listen to Ojukwu, and till today, have continued to refuse to listen to him.

The Nigeria-Biafra War was to pave way for Northern Nigeria Fulani Sokoto Caliphate long-term project towards achieving total Fulani domination and Islamization of Nigeria. The pursuit of their unholy desire to dip Quran on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Southern Nigeria. Unfortunately, the reluctant world refused to listen to Ojukwu, the result of which led to the Biafra pogroms and genocide (1966-1970), in which an estimated 3.5 million Biafrans, mostly Igbos were killed by the Nigerian Federal Government. Nigerian government of Yakubu Gowon, throughout the war period, and thereafter, of course, gotten backing from the superior military force of Nigeria's former colonial power, the Great Britain. As well as Russia's USSR, and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Today, the chicken has come back to roost! The enemy, is no longer the "hated" Igbos alone, but other indigenous ethnic-nationalities in the country, have since began to experience what Igbos have been experiencing and complaining about in Nigeria, the continued post-colonial, British-backed Fulani domination and herdsmen terrorism in the country.

How Nigeria's Romance with OIC Islamization Agenda Started

General Gowon (a professed Christian and son of an Anglican Church Pastor from the Middle-Belt State of Plateau), backed by British and Russia during the Nigeria-Biafra War, wanted to secure the support of Arab countries for the war against Biafra. He went and registered Nigeria as an Observer member of the Islamic organization, OIC. Any surprise that Egyptian pilots operated most of the Rocket Jets the Nigerian Federal Troops used in bombing Biafra towns, villages, market places, churches, farms, etc., in Biafra-land throughout the war period?

It is interesting to note that Gowon, a Christian son of a former pastor, was used to sell Nigeria to such a controversial Islamic organization, OIC! In all, however, one may say that Igbo response to the Genocide targeted against them and the War itself, neutralized or rather delayed the Islamization and Fulanization project in Nigeria in the '60s and '70s, and to some extent, up to the present-time.

In 1986, Ibrahim Babangida, as a military Head of State, paid some alleged billions of US Dollars to the accounts of the Islamic organization, and officially, although secretly, registered Nigeria as a full member of OIC. This generated a lot of bad blood and hot-debates in Nigeria that resulted eventually in the sacking of Ebite Ukiwe, the second-in-command to Babangida. Ukiwe, an Igbo and Christian, in a Press interview said that the issue of Nigeria's membership of OIC was never discussed at the Supreme Military Council meetings. Babangida didn't like that and so he immediately dismissed Ukiwe from the military and replaced him with another person of his choice as his second-in-command.

Unfortunately, when Nigeria returned to democratic rule in 1999 after the Abacha inglorious regime, the infamous 1999 Constitution of General Abdulsalami Abubakar, was forced upon the country, without referendum. The Constitution was written by handpicked individuals, headed by one Northern Fulani Islamic scholar. There was no convocation of Constitution Drafting Constituents Assembly. The Constitution was signed into law with a military decree of General Abdulsalami Abubakar, a Fulani Muslim and head of the ruling transitional military junta.

With the 1999 Constitution, the foundation for today's phase of Islamization of Nigeria was laid. Almost every page of the 1999 Constitution is dotted with Sharia or Islamic words and legal terms. There is no mention of any Christian word in the whole of the 1999 Constitution. The 1999 Constitution was skewed in such a way that it could favor only Islam and Muslims. The Constitution ushered-in the gradual enthronement of Sharia legal system and Muslim dominance in Nigeria's political system and structure of governance at all levels in a manner never witnessed before in the history of the country.

The 1999 Constitution opened the floodgate for the enthronement and adoption of Sharia Islamic law system in all the twelve states in Northern Nigeria during the Obasanjo regime; a situation Buhari administration is doing everything possible today to extend to the rest of the country. This is why, many concerned individuals have been calling for a convocation of a new Constitution Drafting Constituent Assembly that will correct the abnormalities of the 1999 Constitution. A new Constitution that will introduce true federalism, a return to a modified form of the type of regional system of government we inherited at independence in 1960.

Some others, majority of whom are our youths from Southern Nigeria, all those who have lost every fate in the Nigerian State, are today, vigorously, clamoring and agitating for outright separation and self-determination of their respective ethnic-nationalities, to separate from the Nigerian 'union', through the legal means of referendum, and form their own separate sovereign independent states. These are the voices, the gatekeepers of the Nigerian State are most chasing about, trying to intimidate and silence them. However, it is still left to see how far those in corridors of power, in government, could go in silencing the voices of these our youths in Nigeria of today.

Furthermore, General Olusegun Obasanjo complicated the matter when he assumed office as civilian President in 1999. Obasanjo went to Saudi Arab and rectified Nigeria's membership of OIC. In other words, a Christian head of state (General Gowon), registered Nigeria as an OIC Observer member. Thereafter, another supposedly Christian civilian President (General Obasanjo) rectified Nigeria's full membership of the Islamic organization (OIC). Wonders never end! It was also under the watch of the same Obasanjo that 12 Northern States officially and "legally" adopted Sharia Law system in their domains, in total disregard to the Common Law system enshrined in the 1999 Nigerian Constitution.

Today, the Nigerian State, is practicing two diametrically opposed legal systems, Common Law and Sharia Law, concurrently. This is to tell you how complicated and confused the Nigerian situation or reality is, that it is going to be a miracle for any future President or leader of the country to remedy the situation, without creating more problems for himself and citizenry than he might envisaged. Even today, a good number of our highly placed Christians and political leaders who have decided to remain na´ve and docile, are busy helping the present administration of Buhari in advancing the cause of Islamization and Fulanization in Nigeria. What a shame!

From the preceding discussion, it is obvious to every Tom, Dick and Harry, that what Buhari has done and is doing presently, is to take Nigeria to his supposedly "next-level", that is, the Islamization and Fulanization agenda under the directives of OIC and its allied Islamic organizations. This is what Buhari meant each time he spoke in the buildup to the 2019 Presidential election, of taking the country to the "next level" in his second-term in office as President. Buhari's "next-level" was launched at his inauguration day on May 29, 2019, when he carried a Sharia law bag in taking oath of office. He had immediately, after that, to travel to Saudi Arabia to attend OIC meeting in order to confirm the take-off of the "next-level" of his administration to his sponsors. Thus, it is high time Nigerians begin to understand the meaning of Buhari's "next level."

That expression ("next-level") of Buhari has nothing to do with improving the lots of Nigerians. Because improving the lots of the suffering poor masses of Nigeria has no place at all in this administration's agenda, as everybody is testifying today. The sole aim of the present administration, as Obasanjo and T.Y. Danjuma had lately alerted the nation, is Islamization and Fulanization of the whole Nigeria. Period! After all, who has more insight or better informed of Nigeria's myriad of problems than Obasanjo and Danjuma themselves?

Thus, the "next-level" this administration is talking about means one thing: It is their ongoing efforts to convert all the political, religious and cultural governance systems, structures, and styles of life in Nigeria into Islamic and Arabic. This is the reason why the New School Curriculum recently approved by the Ministry of Education had to suppress Christian religious studies in a bid to impose Islamic and Arabic studies on all Nigerian children in schools.

The same applies to the recent policy of the federal government, which says that to gain admission to study law in Nigerian Universities, candidates must have credit in Arabic language and classics. There was no mention of Latin or Greek in the New School Curriculum, which are the basic languages of both Civil and Common Law systems in use all over the civilized world. There was no mention either of our local Nigerian African languages. Only Arabic and Islamic studies are highlighted and made compulsory for all!

It is also for the same reason that Justice Walter Onneghen, a Christian from South-south region, was unconstitutionally removed from office as the Chief Justice of Nigeria by Buhari in the buildup to the last Presidential elections. Today, the three-arms of federal government, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, are all headed by Northern Fulani Muslims. The same applies to military Service-Chiefs, Police Inspector-General, all the federal government companies, parastatals, etc.

Nigerian State has not only been virtually, Islamized, but almost Fulanized by President Muhammadu Buhari. This is the problem. Nigeria can never be the same again after this Buhari regime. The remaining precarious fabric foundation that has been keeping the country going all these years of its colonial creation by the British, and especially, after Nigeria's flag independence in 1960, has now all been destroyed under Buhari regime's pursuit of aggressive Islamization and Fulanization policies.

It is the same story in the financial sector. Nigerian economy is configured already to the whims and caprices of OIC inspired Development Banks. In other words, the Mujahedeen Fulani Northern Muslims have taken over the full control of Nigeria's center of power and structures of governance. This is the ugly situation, the country has found itself today under Buhari administration.

The Fate of Christians and Indigenous Populations in Nigeria Today

Many Nigerians, especially, ordinary citizens, Christians and indigenous populations, no longer feel any emotional link with the Nigerian State, especially, with the government in power. Many people have indeed given up on Nigerian State, and on the hope that anything good can ever come out of the present dispensation.

However, our pray and hope is that God will never allow Christians and indigenous populations of Nigeria to experience such a thing like what happened to the first centuries' Churches and Christians of North Africa when these same Arab Muslim vandals invaded the region and sacked both Christians and indigenous populations of North Africa. Pushing some of the Christians and indigenous populations, to migrate either to Western Europe, or to Africa, South of the Sahara. Furthermore, we would not like to have in Nigeria the recent experience of Christians in Lebanon at the hands of their fellow Arab Muslim Palestinian immigrants, whom they had welcomed in their country some years back as refugees.

For many knowledgeable Nigerians, by choosing to carry a Sharia law bag and wear it like a turban in taking oath of office on May 29, 2019 at Abuja, Buhari has drawn a battle line between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. He has as well declared a kind of "cold-war" between his Sunni Fulani Muslims ethnic-group and Non-Fulani ethnic-nationalities and indigenous populations of Nigeria. Will he be able to accomplish the devilish ambition? Certainly no! Evil will never triumph over good!

The fact is that Nigeria belongs to its indigenous populations. There is nothing anybody, can do about it. Nobody will ever succeed in his or her inordinate ambition, lust for power and domination, in the evil attempt to take away the ownership of the land from Nigeria's indigenous populations, majority of whom are Christians and followers of African Traditional Religion (ATR). Likewise, nobody will ever succeed in his or her evil design to impose Islamic religion and Fulani culture on non-Fulani Ethnic nationalities and Christians of the country.

All those who attempted such things in the past (as the three years Biafra War of resistance and survival in Nigeria shows us (1967-1970), ever succeeded in supplanting the indigenous populations. None of those who tried to exterminate an entire indigenous ethnic-populations had ever succeeded or even survived thereof. I am sure, the fate of the present dreamers of Islamization and Fulanization of Nigeria won't be anything different!


Since the 2015 and 2019 fraudulently rigged Presidential elections, that saw Buhari become the President of Nigeria, Nigeria has not known peace and tranquility. The country has not been the same again. Today, a good number of Nigerians have given up hope that the present administration, after nearly eight years in office, or any of those fronting to become President of the country in 2023 (that is, if Nigeria will continue to survive as one, nation-state by then), has anything positive to offer.

Thus, at a time like ours today in Nigeria, when words have gone dry and darkness is fast approaching, the only language available to the oppressed people is that of silence, signs and symbols. Such a language, however, does not signal good omen for the fast-decaying Nigerian State. Because anything can happen anytime. This is why the present precarious situation of Nigeria calls for urgent response and remedy.