Thursday, February 18, 2021
Pontifical Urban University, Vatican City (Rome)

his Part 2 of our article, focuses on the trending WhatsApp recorded "Message to Nigeria Media" by the popular Nigerian journalist, Kadaria Ahmed. In that recorded audio message, Kadaria Ahmed, indicted her fellow Nigerian Journalists and the Media, accusing them of promoting "ethnic-profiling" and instigating "ethnic-wars", because of the way some of the journalists are beginning to report and condemn the ravaging herdsmen terrorism and menace in the country. But is Kadaria Ahmed justified in her indictment of her fellow colleagues journalists over this matter? This is what we wish to explore in this Part 2 of our article!

Caveat: The approach we are adopting in this article does not mean raising any ethnic sentiment, or promoting one's own, and attacking another's. The article does not intend also to be a disrespect to the popular, renowned journalist. No. This is far from the objective of the article. Because, whatever happens, Kadaria Ahmed remains one of the most respected, intelligent, and beloved lady-journalists alive today in Nigeria. Her achievements in her chosen profession is equal to none. Indeed, as a renowned lady-journalist she is among a few, she remains the pride of us all from Nigeria. That alone, makes her the pride of all Nigerians, irrespective of our differences in ethnicity, religion, culture, or profession or personal achievements.

However, it is precisely because of the high regard many of us her admirers have for her, that made a good number to feel disappointed with the content of that her 'Message to Nigeria Media.' It is for the same reason and out of respect, we have for her, that we want to let her know how some of us her admirers, feel about that her "Message to Nigeria Media."

We have also to acknowledge that, although, Kadaria Ahmed did not mention Southern Nigerian journalists as the target of her message to the Nigeria Media. However, the tone of the message, and also judging from her long years of silence over this matter, the Nigeria Media was not speaking or condemning with hard tone, killer-herdsmen terrorism and the plight of the victims, tells us that the target of the message, are journalists from Southern part of the country. Especially, those of them who have started to report vigorously on the criminal activities of the killer-herdsmen in the country, and are tasking those in corridors of power for not taking any decisive action against the killer-herdsmen.

Moreover, by qualifying her said message with a definitive article "The" (Nigeria Media), it becomes obvious who her target audience are. That she has a specific geographical zone of "The Nigeria Media" in mind, namely, the Southern part of the country, especially, her colleagues from the South-West zone who control the Nigeria Media, and who have all along being the supporting corner-stone of the present administration and Northern Oligarchy hold onto power in the country. That is, by their style of news reporting and editing.

The Problem

The contention of the present article is this: 'Why is it only now that Fulani herdsmen and the government in power are on the receiving end of Nigeria Media style of reporting and editing news, that Kadaria Ahmed has deemed it necessary to indict the journalists for promoting what she refers to, as, "ethnic-profiling" and "inciting ethnic-wars." That is, the Nigeria media new found courageous style of reporting and editing news on herdsmen terrorism in Nigeria in recent weeks! Why is it only now, that Kadaria Ahmed has found a reason to speak up on a matter of this kind, indicting her fellow Nigerian journalists who are saying 'enough is enough' with the killer-herdsmen terrorism and federal government lackadaisical handling of security issues in the country?

Kadaria Ahmed is beginning to speak up now against what she called 'ethnic-hate-filled journalism in Nigeria,' simply because, her kinsmen killer-herdsmen and the Northern Muslim Oligarchy controlled Federal government of Nigeria are now beginning to be on the receiving end of ethnic profiling in the country! The question is, 'Where has Kadaria Ahmed been all these years, the Igbos, for example, as an ethnic-group has been on the receiving end of ethnic-hate, ethnic-cleansings and ethnic-profiling in Nigeria?' Or, is she telling us that it is only when the Fulani interest is at stake, that there is ethnic-profiling, which calls for national outrage?

Kadaria Ahmed is angry with her fellow Nigerian Journalists and the Media, those from the Southern and Middle Belt regions of the country, who have started to report objectively and say things as they are concerning the pervading killer-herdsmen terrorism in the country. That is, about Kadaria Ahmed's kinsmen herdsmen and bandits from Northern Nigeria and the Sahel region of West Africa, responsible for the ongoing terrorists activities of killings, destruction of farmlands and villages, kidnappings and raping of women, happening on daily basis in most parts of Southern and Middle Belt regions of Nigeria!

Kadaria Ahmed has risen to condemn journalists from the Southern part of the country, few of them, who have started to call a spade a spade. That is, those who are trying to report objectively on something everybody knows already, namely, that the herdsmen terrorism and the present administration seemingly complicity in the whole matter, is responsible for the tension in the country today. That the issue really is neither, "ethnic-hatred" or "ethnic-profiling", nor "inciting of intra-ethnic wars."

The problem rather, is herdsmen terrorism - the present federal government's incompetence in handling the security issue and leadership challenges of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious, heterogeneous complex colonial created African nation-state like Nigeria. This is the problem, not "ethnic-hatred" or "ethnic-profiling" of any ethnic-group. Period!

Again, what has become obvious to all and sundry is that, 'nobody is evicting any law-abiding Nigerian, or group of persons, including the Fulanis, from any part of the country.' Only the criminal killer-herdsmen who are hiding in farmlands and forests of indigenous ethnic-communities in Southern and Middle Belt regions, disguised as cattle herders, are the ones people are asking that should be flushed out of their forests. Nobody is disturbing the Fulanis and other Northerners in Southern Nigeria, doing their legitimate businesses, and are living peacefully with the rest of the people in townships or cities. Only the criminal killer-herdsmen, and all other criminal elements hiding in the forests are the ones people have been asking the government to do something about, but which unfortunately, the present administration didn't want to heed at all to the cry and outrage expressed by the victims of these killer-herdsmen?

This is the issue at stake, which the popular journalist, Kadaria Ahmed needs to acknowledge. She needs to recognize that this is the problem the country is faced with at present. It is this problem that many of us her admirers would like to see her discuss and write about as a journalist, instead of her hiding under the ill-fated "Message to the Nigeria Media" to lampoon her colleagues in the media who condemn killer-herdsmen terrorism and the way the present federal government is handling the issue. Because, from all intent and purpose, it is obvious, her said "Message to the Nigeria Media" was NOT meant to serve the general interest of all Nigerians, but rather that of her own ethnic group and of course, to safeguard the continued herdsmen terrorism in the country!

Some Pertinent Questions!

Who doesn't know that the Nigeria Media is in most cases corrupt, ethnic-biased and ethnic-hate driven in its style of news reporting and editing? This is the sin of most Nigerian journalists and media today, which Kadaria Ahmed herself, if truth be told, cannot say she is not also guilty of. Otherwise, if she says she is not, let her allow us to ask the following two pertinent questions:

1. The question is, why is it only now that Southerners have started to react, and to say, enough is enough, that the likes of Kadaria Ahmed is coming out to indict her fellow Nigerian Journalists and the media on a matter of this urgent national concern of herdsmen terrorism that has been ravaging the country for years now? Why is it only now that she is coming out to speak up and accuse her fellow Nigerian journalists and the media of ethnic-profiling and of inciting ethnic tension in the country?

Where has Kadaria Ahmed been all these years, especially, in the past five years alone, her kinsmen Fulani herdsmen and their Miyetti-Alla sponsors, have been terrorizing and killing Christians, rampaging the ancestral lands and towns of indigenous ethnic-communities in Southern and Middle Belt regions of the country, destroying their farmlands, raping women and kidnapping them? Where has Kadaria Ahmed been all these while?

Why has she not found it expedient to speak up before now and to condemn the terrorist activities of Fulani killer-herdsmen in the Southern and Middle Belt regions of the country?

2. Secondly, Kadaria Ahmed, in her WhatsApp recorded message indictment against other Nigerian journalists and the media, mentioned every other country in Africa as examples, where, according to her, ethnic-hate had resulted in civil wars and ethnic-cleansings. But she forgot to mention the Biafra War, that is, the Nigeria-Biafra War, where an estimated 3.5 million Biafrans, mostly Igbos were killed as a result of ethnic-hatred and ethnic-profiling war of genocide waged against them by the Nigerian state?

The question is, "Why did Kadaria Ahmed mention every other place or country, where wars and genocides have taken place in Africa in recent years, but carefully, omitted Biafra?"

Kadaria Ahmed, in her WhatsApp recorded message to her fellow Nigerian Journalists and the Media, mentioned Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and so forth, but did not mention BIAFRA. That is, the Nigeria-Biafra genocidal war that claimed lives of an estimated 3.5 million Biafrans, mostly Igbos killed by the Nigerian military troops under the command and watch of her Northern Nigerian Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria. The question is, "Why the silence on Biafra by Kadaria Ahmed in her indictment "Message to the Nigeria Media?"

What Kadaria Ahmed failed to realize is that by refusing to recognize the Biafra War, the genocide committed against Igbos by the Nigerian State, including the July and October 1966 Igbo pogroms in Northern Nigeria, she is invariably, guilty of all those things she accused her Southern colleagues in the media about the evils and consequences of ethnic-hatred and ethnic-profiling.

In fact, it was the silence of journalists in the mould of Kadaria Ahmed during the Nigeria-Biafra War and after the war itself, since 1970 till date, on what the Igbos and other Easterners have been subjected to by the Nigerian State, that Nigeria as a nation-state has found itself in the total mess the country is today.

Therefore, before the likes of Kadaria Ahmed should indict, or pass "dead sentence" on other Nigerian journalists and the media, she should first, do some critical self-examination of conscience. In fact, a 'mea culpa', on this matter! Especially, for her long years of silence of (complicity) on the evils being committed by her kinsmen at the corridors of power and the ravaging killer-herdsmen terrorism in Southern and Middle Belt regions of the country. This is the most important thing that every conscientious Nigerian is worried about today!

Indeed, she should ask herself why is it that she has not spoken up all this while or carried any objective news reporting and editing on the killer-herdsmen terrorism in Nigeria, and on the nepotism and lopsided style of governance of the present federal government!


It is still a mystery to many of her admirers, why a celebrated journalist like Kadaria Ahmed, has never for once, condemned the maltreatment of ethnic-hate and resentment against Igbo people that has become like a second nature of the Nigerian state? All the maltreatment Nigerian State has been subjecting those from Igbo ethnic group because of their ethnic origins, and which became amplified, especially since the end of the Nigeria-Biafra War in 1970, by her Fulani Oligarchy-controlled federal government of Nigeria?

The question is: Before the so-called ethnic-profiling or ethnic-hatred and tension in the country against the Fulani herdsmen, Kadaria Ahmed should remember that, there was, and has continued to be, the "Igbo-hate and ethnic-resentment" in Nigeria!

Why someone of the calibre of the celebrated journalist Kadaria Ahmed has never for once, spoken against the Igbo-hate and resentment in Nigeria, all these years, remains a question, she owes an answer to many of her admirers, of which I am one of them!