Wednesday, January 31, 2024
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Pontifical Urban University, Vatican City (Rome)

rs. Naledi Pandor, South Africa's Minister of International Relations & Cooperation, had said, "South Africa will leave African Union if AU grants an Observer Status to Israel." So, because of the current Palestinian case against Israel, South Africa ANC-led Government had threatened to leave the African Union if Israel is granted an Observer Status by the other member-states of the African Union! This is very troubling to the spirit of Pan-Africanism and good conscience!

No doubt, the victims of Gaza need our collective solidarity and assistance at this difficult time. But so are also those innocent Israeli victims of Palestinian Hamas-cum-Hezebolla terrorist organizations' bombing and killings in the streets of Israel. Israeli victims of the Palestinian Islamist terrorism equally need our collective sympathy and assistance like those in Gaza in Palestinian territory. This is common sense, the route to finding a lasting solution for the desired two-state-state solution for the two warring parties, Israel and Palestine. This is not, however, to overlook the fact that Israel needs moderation and not to apply disproportionate military response in retaliation whenever the Hamas-Hezbolla Palestinian terrorists attack civilian targets in the Israeli territory. This is also the direction those who are accusing Israel of genocide and carrying destructive propaganda against the State of Israel in this matter, are supposed to have taken.

On this most delicate issue, however, one needs to thread with caution. Because, many innocent human lives are involved. Moreover, the conflict in the Middle East elicits more attention and interests of the world centers of powers and the powerful nations than the other more similar excruciating and most disturbing and troubling conflicts and wars happening in Africa or elsewhere.

Be it as it may, the question remains, 'whose script is South Africa playing?' Is it a Pan-African cum African script, or is it the usual anti-Israeli Pan-Arab Muslim Nations and allies' script and global mobilization against the State of Israel? Certainly, South Africa is not playing a Pan-African or African script and role here. It is painful to say it. The current political ruling class and government in South Africa, one hates to say it, has now played into the hands of its former tormentors, those who never wished the Black Race and the Sub-African continent and people well. Sorry to say to, that South Africa is now doing the bidding of the interests of others, the world's powerful blocs, while keeping a blind eye on a more serious problem of that kind in Gaza that is also happening in most of the war-torn regions in sub-Saharan Africa. This is the crux of the matter.

It was Malcom X, who once said, "Any relatively conscious Black person should be worried when the White folks begin to shower you with praises or awards." The present accolades South Africa seems to be receiving from those countries in the Muslim Arab world, and among the Euro-American Caucasians and the South Africa's newly found lovers in the so-called BRICS nations, must make any serious thinking Black African and Pan-Africanists to shudder. 'All that glitters is not gold.'

Again, the best way to help both parties and stop the violence in the Middle-East, be it in Palestine or Israel, methinks is not by dragging Israel to the International Criminal Court of Justice as South Africa just did. While South Africa itself (and its international sponsors and propagandists), have not put any viable plan on the table of dialogue of how to resolve once, and for all, the root causes and perennial issues underpinning the conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East. Which is the only thing that will bring about the desired lasting peaceful settlement and the proposed two-state-state solution for the two warring parties.

Because, just as the people of Palestinian need their own independent sovereign state where they can live in peace as a people, so do the people of Israel. The Israeli also need their own state of Israel where they can begin to live in peace and security from the continued terrorist attacks and bombing of their people, coming from the Palestinian terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbolla, among others. Especially, from the extremist Islamic and Arab Muslims League of Nations who are sponsoring those Palestinian terrorist organizations that are always launching bomb attacks against innocent civilians in Israel, unprovoked. This is the issue and not rushing to the U.N International Criminal Court of Justice in the Netherlands to accuse Israel of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza while you do not have concrete evidence to back up such an emotional and irrational conclusion against Israel. And you do not have any concrete plans of how to resolve the conflict between the two warring parties in the Middle East.

South Africa's Betrayal of Pan-Africanism

The question again, is why must it be an African country that should be used in this type of dirty game of the modern day world centers of power, who for once, never wished Africa well? This is the crux of the matter. In fact, it is really, painful that an African country, such as South Africa of all people, is the one super-heading this 'external forces' tele-guided' biddings and dirty game against the State of Israel, the Jewish people.

Who does not know that the so-called U.N's International Criminal Court of Justice in the Netherlands, was established, principally, to serve the Western and Arab world interests against Africa and other Third World countries? Another question is why, do the current political ruling-class and elites in Africa in general, love to enjoy dancing naked in the market square whenever it comes to international politics of this kind and in providing a purposeful political leadership in the continent and in their respective countries? 'Who did this to the Blackman?'

Is this a curse on the current kind of individuals piloting the political leadership affairs in Africa? It is very disappointing how South African ruling-class, politicians and elites, after Mandela's demise, have allowed themselves and name of their country be dragged into this dirty game, and used by the Islamic countries of the Pan-Arab league and their European and Asian Giants' Allies in doing their 'selfish' bidding for the Palestinian people in the Middle East against Israel? While as a matter of fact, a good number of Africa's indigenous Ethnic Nationalities in some of the troubled regions, which as a result of colonial arbitrary, artificial created nation states, have themselves bigger problem than what is happening in Gaza have never received any concrete solidarity from South African government and politicians. For instances, the African colonial, arbitrary and artificial created nation states such as, Central African Republic, Cameroon (in particular, Anglophone Cameroon (Ambazonia), Democratic Republic of Congo, and especially, Nigeria (in particular, former Eastern region (Biafra), the Middle-Belt zone of the country), among others, have been facing Islamist herdsmen terrorism, state-sponsored Jihadists' genocidal threats from their own supposedly central government. Yet, nothing is been heard from the government and ruling-class and elites from South Africa on this matter.

Moreover, like the Eastern Nigerian people of Biafra (the Igbo ethnic nationality, to be precise), the people of the Anglophone Cameroon region (Ambazionia), for example, have been facing a kind of state-sponsored genocide for years now from the Francophone dominated central government at Yaoundé and its dictator President Paul Biya. These oppressed and traumatized people of Anglophone Cameron (Ambazonians), just like the Biafrans in Eastern Nigeria, again, have never for once received any known concrete solidarity and support from the government in South Africa and politicians, in their struggle for freedom and for self-determination from the domineering ethnic-groups and central governments. The ANC-led South African government and ruling-class have never for once taken any of those dictatorial governments in those oppressive countries in Africa that are killing their own supposedly citizens to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Unfortunately, today, the South African politicians and government are quick to accuse Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza and have dragged Israel to the International Criminal Court of Justice!

Who did this to Africa? What business has South Africa to do with what is happening in the Middle East? True enough, Yasser Arafat, the historical leader of the Palestinian Liberation Movement was a friend of Mandela and is said to have supported ANC during the struggle against Apartheid. But he was not the only one. Don't forget, that the entire organs and activities of the Organization for African Unity (OAU, now African Union (AU), were all channeled towards, and dedicated to the liberation of South African Blacks from the evil White-Minority Racist Regime of Apartheid in South Africa. The chunk of the annual budgets of most of African countries, like Nigeria, then went to financing the ANC and other Black South African liberation struggle movements against Apartheid. The African Nations' Cup was renamed "Mandela Cup" for the same purpose.

In fact, the large chunk of all the Oil and Petroleum sale revenue accruing to the Nigerian Federal Government (which are sales from the Oil Deposits and other natural and mineral resources coming from Eastern Nigeria (Biafraland), in those years, all went to financing the Nelson Mandela's ANC for the liberation of the Blacks in South Africa. Moreover, in those darkest days of Apartheid in South Africa, when the Racist White-Minority Regime were after the life of Mandela, it was Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the Great Zik of Africa, that came to the aid of Mandela, secretly evacuated him from South Africa, and brought him to Nigeria. Provided him with the needed security and shelter in Eastern Nigeria (Igboland city of Enugu and town of Ukpor in Nnewi). In other words, Nelson Mandela was not only supported financially by Nigeria in his struggle to liberate South Africa. He was given a shelter in Igboland (Biafra) by the then regional government of Eastern Nigeria (Biafraland), when his life was in danger, thanks to Zik's magnanimity and that of late Mbazulike Amaechi, to whom the Great Zik of Africa assigned the role of making sure that Mandela received the shelter and security he needed most in Nigeria then. And so, was how the other independent African countries had contributed their own quota for the liberation of Blacks in South Africa.

Moreover, the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria (Biafra), where Zik comes from, have an ancestral link with Israel. The Igbos claim an ancestral origin from the Patriarchs of Israel, Isaac and Abraham. Eri, the son of Gad, who is one of the twelve sons of Israel mentioned in the Bible, is venerated and recognized from time immemorial as the progenitor of Ndigbo. Igbos share a lot of cultural-ties, affinity and practices, as well as philosophy of life and worldviews with the people of Israel as recorded in the Old Testament. The migration and how Eri and his entourage travelled and came to settle in the present Igboland in Eastern Nigeria, is a household history well known among the Igbo people. (See, Genesis 46:16; Numbers 26:16).

Moreover, during the Nigeria-Biafra War, the State of Israel and many Israeli international charitable organizations were among the few that came to the aid of the starving and war-displaced Biafrans. They provided humanitarian assistance to the starving Biafran children and women, victims of the British-backed Nigerian federal military government junta's starvation and blockade policy against Biafra. In other words, an attack against Israel by an African nation, or person, for that matter, will not be received well by the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria that provided shelter and security to Mandela during the Apartheid era in South Africa. The region (of Eastern Nigeria), from which came the Oil and Petroleum revenue proceeds donated by the Nigerian State to the ANC's liberation cause against Apartheid in those days.

It is therefore very disheartening today, to say the least, to hear Madam Naledi Pandor, South Africa's Minister of International Relations & Cooperation, threatening that South Africa will leave the African Union because of South Africa's unmitigated support for Palestinians against the State and government of Israel. Methinks that this is not what Africans would expect from the Government, politicians and elites of South Africa at a time like this. That is also not the type of role African people would love to see South Africa play in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. South Africa, if it is really a moral conscience of the world as it claims, could have toed the path of a reconciliatory role in a matter like this. Because, South Africa as it is now stands to lose out in the confrontational posture the country has taken against Israel in this matter. It is only a matter of time, as it is playing out already.

This is evident from the already known double-standard role often played by those powerful European or Western countries, like US, UK, etc., and the United Nations in their relations with Africa. Which they may appear, on the one hand, to be on the side of the Palestinian struggle, when it suits them. But, on the other hand, at the critical moment, they are consistently behind Israel and are currently punishing their own European or American citizens, as well as placing sanctions on any world leader or country that does not side with the Israeli cause and interest on this matter. In other words, where do you stand with such a people? Thus, better be careful while dealing with such a people. Especially, when they are showering you with praises and awards. They don't trust you.

This is why it is very dangerous for any relatively conscious African nation or individual, to trust the European or Western powers in international politics and relations. When they finish exploiting, and using you against your own people and their perceived enemies, to do their 'dirty' biddings, for their selfish interest, they throw you out from the window into the dustbin. Read the history and experience of past African leaders in their dealings with those powerful European and Western nations and leaders. They are never friends of Africa.

The same goes with Africa's relations with Arab Muslim countries, including the Arab Muslim countries of the Maghreb, North Africa, which allegiance is more to their Arab Muslim brethren in the Middle East than to the Blacks in sub-Saharan African countries. For instance, not long ago, we all witnessed the shameful way the President of Tunisia in North Africa decided to maltreat and indeed, expelled from his country all the sub-Saharan Africans and other Blacks, including those with valid documents, who were residing legally and doing legitimate job over there. Because of the rising anti-Black African severe immigration laws and sentiments sweeping across the countries of Western Europe today, the Tunisian President and politicians were alleged to have received billons of US dollars from the present extreme-right wing party government of Italy and European Union. The aim of which was to bribe the Tunisian politicians and government so that they would begin to block the sub-Saharan Africans from passing through that country to cross over the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

This worked perfectly well for the Western European countries and their Tunisian allies. Because immediately that infamous accord between Tunisia and Italy and EU was sealed, the President of Tunisia and his government and security operatives went to work. The President of Tunisia and his government and security operatives, immediately after that 'unholy agreement' they made with the extreme-right wing ruling coalition political parties in Italy and EU was sealed, they went to work, cracking down and expelling all the sub-Saharan Africans who were residing and who were doing their legitimate work and business in Tunisia. Mind you, this is just an example of the type of racist and anti-black African international cooperation that usual the West and Arab Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East enter into between themselves in their international relations, politics and dealings against the people and counties of sub-Saharan Africa.

On its own, however, the attitude of the countries of the Western Europe, like the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, among others, in their relations with sub-Saharan African countries and people are even the worst. Come to think of it. Just few days ago, the former British Prime Minister, and current Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, was quoted to have said that the, "United Kingdom is going to recognize the Palestinian State." Mr. Cameron said this while at the same time the British government he represents is busy cracking down on those movements and individuals among its own citizens who are demonstrating against Israel in the streets of the United Kingdom. The same thing is happening in the United States against anybody, organization or group who dare criticize Israel for what is happening in Gaza. Yet the leaders of these Western countries and UN pretend to be on your side as an African when rain your unmitigated emotional, sentimental verbal attacks, street protests and propaganda of calumny, deceit and lies of all sorts against the State and government of Israel because of the Palestinians in Gaza. Who is deceiving who?

By the way, it is now about 54 years since the Biafra Genocide, which was committed by the British-backed Nigerian Federal Government and military troops in the 60s' during the Nigeria-War Biafra (1967-1970), against the Igbo Biafrans. A genocidal war in which an estimated 3.5 million Biafrans (of defunct Eastern Region), mostly Igbos were killed by the British-backed Nigerian Federal Government Military Junta-led by Yakubu Gowon (from the defunct Northern Region) and the civilian politician, Obafemi Awolowo (from the then Western Nigerian region), as his Vice-President. Though, the war was said to have technically ended in 1970, however, till today, the Nigerian federal government and military operatives have not ceased from tactically, with apparent complicit, sponsoring hideous similar genocides and ethnic-cleansing against Christians and indigenous ethnic nationalities and communities in different parts of the country, especially, in the Southeastern zone (Igboland (Biafra) and the Middle-Belt. Yet, the British Government and Foreign Minister David Cameron has never for once, uttered a word of condemnation against the state-sponsored genocides, ethnic-cleansing and Islamist herdsmen terrorism taking place on daily basis in Nigeria today! The British Establishments and Foreign Minister David Cameron have never for once uttered a word of condemnation against the federal government of Nigeria's sponsored terrorism and carnage taking place in Nigeria on daily basis today.

But Mr. David Cameron and the British Establishments he represents, is now quick to come out, to say, that the UK is going to recognize the Palestinian State. Without however, stipulating how he intends to ensure the security of the Israelis and that of State of Israel itself, which existence is continually, been threatened by their surrounding Arab Muslim nations in the Middle East. Especially, by those Islamist terrorist countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, among others, those arch-enemies of Israel that have refused to recognize the rights of the people and State of Israel to exist as a nation state in the Middle East!

Misplaced Priority

You cannot be taking the State of Israel to the International Crime Court of Justice at The Hague, nor can you be talking of recognizing the Palestinian State, without first resolving the root causes fueling, and which are underpinning the conflicts in the Middle East, between Israel and Palestine. Ensuring that those Arab and Islamic countries that do not want Israel to exist as a nation state in the Middle East, are first of all, made to renounce their threats to the continued existence of Israelis and the rights of the people of Israel to have their own state. To ensure the security of Israel and protection of lives and property of its citizens in the Middle East. Which is the most important thing that Israel has been asking for.

My fear is that, it would seem that today's world powerful nations, the West and its Arab Muslim nations' allies, and sympathizers, indeed the modern day's world centers of power have a hidden agenda. That those who are beating the drum of 'recognizing the Palestinian State', or are taking Israel to the International Criminal Court of Justice, without, however, resolving first, the underlining issues fueling the Middle East conflicts, are in indeed trying to provoke another "World War" among the nations so that they (the Nuclear Powers), could sell their weapons. Again, my fear is that David Cameron and the big powers he represents, and sympathizers want to create a war situation all over the world to promote their sale of weapons. God forbid!

Lets' pray that the world powers are not moving towards inciting another "Holocaust?" God forbid. Lets' hope and pray that the rising international, systematic coordinated propaganda against Israel both in the West and more especially, in the Muslim world and allies, will not lead to a "Second Holocaust", a worldwide anti-Israeli sentiments and neo-anti-Semitism?

This is why before talking of recognizing Palestinian State, the British Foreign Minister, David Cameron and the Western Hegemony he represents, must first of all, ensure that those extremist Islamic and Arab Muslim nations and their allies, who don't want Israel to exist as a nation and people in the Middle-East, must first of all renounce their threats. Recognize the rights of the Israeli people to security and to protect their own state of Israel. That is the only way the two state-state solution between Israeli and Palestinian peoples will make a sense. Anything outside this is playing to the gallery. This is the ideal that a country like South Africa is expected to toe and promote so as to help bring about an amicable and peaceful settlement that will bring about the realization of the desired two-state-state solution between Israel and Palestine.

You forgot the history of Israel as a survivor of Holocaust and anti-Semitism. And you forgot also how many Jewish Organizations in America, Europe and elsewhere, made huge financial donations to the cause of South Africa's ANC and Mandela during the struggle against the Apartheid. It is not only Yasser Arafat who was on the side of Mandela and ANC during the struggle against the Apartheid. The fact remains, as Mandela himself publicly confessed, that Israel and many Jewish Charitable and Human Rights' Organizations world over, as well, supported him and ANC, and made considerable financial donations towards their cause during the struggle against Apartheid.

It is therefore, uncharitable for the current leadership in ANC and the South African government it leads, to be championing this type of global 'war', mobilizing international protest against Israel and dragging Israel to the Western European-controlled International Criminal Court of Justice. Forgetting how Israeli Charitable and Human Rights' Organizations showed solidarity toward the liberation of the Blacks in South Africa. And knowing fully well that those who visited you (South Africans), with the evils of Apartheid Racist Regime in South Africa were not Israelis or the State of Israel. But rather those same Caucasians, Western powers and their allies that you are playing their 'thirty' biddings today against Israel. This is the most tragic aspect of this whole thing, when we, Africans, could easily forget the truth about our past and history as a people or as individuals.


Methinks that Israel is not at war with the Palestinians. Only those Islamist terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezebolla, etc., and their sponsoring Arab extremist Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc., that need to be tamed first and foremost. Those extremist Islamic States must be made to renounce their threats against Israel, the Jewish people in the Middle East. Without an assurance on the security of the State of Israel and the Jewish people as a whole in the Middle East, and elsewhere, all the talks of recognizing Palestinian State will amount to an empty word and hypocrisy of the West, UK, US, UN, etc., and their allies from the League of Arab Muslim Nations, especially, the OIC.

Finally, as a way of conclusion, what is needed now to end the conflicts in the Middle East, between Israel and Palestine, is a political will, which will lead to the desired political solution of two-state-state solution. It is not the biased and corrupt judiciary judgement, the Jamboree taking place at the UN's International Criminal Court of Justice in The Netherlands.

The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is beyond any court of law. The conflict can never be resolved through any court of law. Rather, what is required is a political will, to persuade both parties to renounce their extreme positions and embrace the ideals of the two-state-state solution, in the spirit of love, good neighborliness, fraternity, justice, and truth.