Friday, December 23, 2022
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second or third-placed finishing at a global soccer show piece event like the World cup competition, in my considered opinion, are essentially the same, save for differences in details.

The Croatians qualified for the semi-final stages of two subsequent World cup competitions. That, in my considered opinion, is a decent measure of consistency, in their soccer standards in the last four years! For that they deserve my fervent congratulations!

In my piece over their second-placed finshing in the 2018 FIFA World cup competition, one described them as " World cup champions in waiting" ! Yours sincerely is still of the same opinion. They have in the last twenty-four years since they came third at the 1998 World cup competition, in France, shown through their performances over the years, that they are a force to be reckoned with in world soccer.

They are likely to be the first nation, never to have won the World cup, and likely to win it in subsequent editions of the competition.

For a young nation, that got her independence some thirty years ago, they have done quite well thus far in their soccer development.

How can the Croatians possibly become the (next) World soccer champions?:

Firstly, in my considered opinion, Coach Dalic, should be retained. He has shown what an astute and fine tactician he is, in the way and manner he has managed the affairs of the Croatian national team in the last years: technically and tactically!

Secondly, the Croatians should find as a matter of urgency, a replacement for their symbolic, beloved and highly enviable soccer icon and talisman: Luka Modric! A highly talented mid-field generalissimo! Who has given long years of service in playing for his country and clubside(s) alike. And who most likely will retire from the national team, after the 2023 Nations' league competition.

Considering the important role played by Luka Modric, a worthy replacement will help the Croatian team, in trying to get to the absolute pinnacle of world soccer. Me thinks given the talent pool of Croatia, they can easily replace him when the need arises.

Thirdly, they need to sharpen their offensive line. The Croatians, are somewhat 'thin' in this department. In my considered opinion, that is their achillees heel as a team! The lack of top attackers contributed in robbing them of a better-placed finishing at the 2022 World cup competition.

Conclusion: The Croatians are certainly destined for bigger things in soccer, if they can make certain modifications to the present squad, in view of the coming challenges, vis-a-viz their aspirations.

Once more congratulations to them for their contributions thus far, not only to their soccer development, but to soccer development generally.

UP CROATIA !!!!!!!!


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