Thursday, December 22, 2022
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As the title of this piece suggests, the French senior national soccer side, "Les Bleues", galantly went down, in their quest to extend their world soccer title! They fought like trojans. Even when defeat stared them in the face, they remained undaunted in their desire to retain the title.

One must give kudos to the technical crew of "Les Bleues", under leadership of : Coach Didier Deschamps, for technically and tactically manoeuvering " Les Bleues", from a team that was easily sweept away by the rampaging Argentinians, for upwards of sixty minutes in the whole encounter, with a two-goal deficit, te boot, to a team that finally 'reusurrected' to give the Argentinians a good fight; and levelled up, initially at 2-2, and later on 3-3! And in the resulting penalty series, lost their title, by the narrowest of margins!

They, thus, failed to extend their title. And, thus, failed to follow in the footsteps of Brazil, as the last team to extend their World cup title, in subsequent editions of the World cup competition, some sixty years ago! They also failed to join the 'elite' group of soccer nations like Italy and Brazil, who retained their World soccer titles in subsequent editions of the World cup competition!

These facts notwithstanding, "Les Bleues" of France, given their talent pool, will still remain relevant in the scheme of things in world soccer, for a long time to come!

With regards the future plans of their coach : Didier Deschamps, one gets the information he was offered a two-year contract renewal prior to the World cup final match. Me thinks this is deserved, considering the performance of "Les Bleues" under his watch in the last ten years!

Though critics claim he doesn't play sufficiently dominant soccer, considering the talent pool at his disposal. They claim he plays a lot of counter-football , for a team blessed with the kind of talent at his disposal.

Yours sincerely disagrees. What matters in modern soccer is winning. How one wins is a question of details and relatively less important.

In this wise and with regards "Les Bleues", critics of Coach Deschamps, have suggested the appointment of Zinedine Zidane, who is actually patiently waiting for the job of French national team coach.

Much as "Zizzou" is an accomplished coach, a replacement of Coach Deschamps at this time, may not be in the interest of the French.

Nobody changes a winning team, that in my considered opinion, includes the coach.

In conclusion, congratulations to "les Blues" for the spirited fight they put up in their attempt to defend their title. And congratulations to Kylian Mbappe, for being the top scorer of the 2022 FIFA World cup competition; and also for scoring a hatrick in the final match! And also congratulations to the technical crew, for the good work done.

UP LES BLEUES !!!!!!!!!!!


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