Cyril C. NwokejiFriday, December 8, 2017


he world cup draw for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, is a tough one. However, the Super Eagles' supporters should not complain, because it could have been worse. My first impression is that the Super Eagles have got a "fighting chance" of success in that group. There are no easy teams or "makkies" in that group. All four teams have a decent pedigree, and have a decent chance of qualification from the group. The implication of this reality is that the Super Eagles from the first game against Croatia, must be ready for hundred percent! The Super Eagles' engine, will not have enough time to warm up during the competition, before reaching hundred percent efficiency, as yours sincerely had hoped. The Super Eagles' engine must function at hundred percent efficiency right from the very first game against Croatia, for the Super Eagles to have a good chance of qualification from the group.

Let's review the Super Eagles' opponents:

  • CROATIA: They are a very technical and tactical side; with what unarguably is the best or one of the best mid-field trio on the planet. The trio of Ivan Rakitic, Luca Modric and Ivan Perisic, represent some the best mid-fielders currently in the game. This is their strongest point. Any team hoping to stand a chance against them, must find a way of 'disabling' this mid-field trio!

  • IJSLAND: Another fine side. But this time around very physical. They announced their arrival on the world stage, at the last European championship, when they caused the famous upset of defeating the mighty English national team, and, thus, qualified for the quarter finals! They are also very defensive in their playing pattern. They lack technique and finesse in their playing pattern, and easily fall prey to teams that exhibit these qualities.

  • ARGENTINA: A highly technical and tactical side; blessed with a vast array of highly talented players, mainly "ball jugglers"! And certainly the big favourites in this group. With a Lionel Messi in tow, and in a competitive disposition, will be very difficult to confront!

In conclusion, like as aforementioned, the Super Eagles of Nigeria have got a "fighting chance" of success, in this group, on the condition that they give their best from the very first match. If they play well from the first game, they might have gotten the qualification or nearly gotten the qualification, before meeting Argentina, in their last group's encounter. What yours sincerely means concretely, is that the Super Eagles, should try to get past Croatia and Ijsland, in their first two matches, even with the oddest of margins, before confronting Argentina. That would make the Super Eagles somewhat relaxed, to give the Argentinians a match; and hopefully get a decent result!

Meethinks with all the experiences acquired at the five previous editions of the world cup tournament, the 2018 world cup tournament, gives the Super Eagles, the opportunity to make a very bold statement to the soccer world. Yours sincerely believes this will come to pass; the omens appear to be on our side!

"Anyi bu nkwa"!