Sunday, October 23, 2022
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"Victory nowadays in soccer, generally, don't happen through accidental/ coincidental happenstance, but through carefully articulated plans/policies, that are first of all made in the boardroom of the FA; before that can be translated through the coaches to the players on the soccer pitch." - Cyril C. Nwokeji

"The Super Eagles of Nigeria, have a bright future and can realise their immediate and long term ambitions, given the correct developmental environment." Cyril C. Nwokeji

ours sincerely uses this medium to congratulate and felicitate with the new President of the NFF, on his election and the concomittant elevation to the highest position of Nigerian soccer.

He is certainly not an unknown quantity in soccer administration. As former Chairman Zamfara state Football Association; Chairman, Football Associations chairmen and a member of the CAF organising committee, he has certainly cut his teeth in soccer administration. And, thus, comes to his elevated position of NFF president, well-armed for the challenges ahead.

Talking about challenges he would likely face in his new position, they are certainly daunting challenges, that require quasi instant solutions, as expected from the very demanding Nigerian soccer fraternity.

He will no doubt oversee the affairs of the country's soccer teams. The main criteria to be used in assessing him at the end of his stewardship, would be the number of international trophies won by the various teams representing Nigeria.

Of all these teams, with all due respects and regards to the other teams, the flagship soccer team that would mainly determine his rating, at the end of the day, is the Super Eagles of Nigeria!

The Super Eagles is a team that Nigerians have come to identify with , regardless of the distinctions that divide or tend to divide them. The Super Eagles, is not just another national soccer team, but has transformed over the years to the "Nigerian People's movement"! A team whose evolution is closely followed by Nigerians.

This reality concomittantly puts pressure on the team and it's handlers: the NFF and the coaches and the other administrators. Performance is the watchword! And the team is expected to perform at all times, regardless of the opposition. Human reality dictates that success cannot be guaranteed at all times, but, 'unfortunately', that is the expectation of Nigerians and all Super Eagles' lovers and supporters.

Thus, for the NFF President to be in the good books of Nigerians, the Super Eagles of Nigeria, like the symbol that depicts the team, the Eagle, must fly at all times and preferably highest!!!!!

Is this expectation realistic or realisable? My humble answer is yes; after making the necessary adjustments/ re-adjustments for reality!

How can this noble 'cause' be realised with the Super Eagles of Nigeria?

One must confess there are no quick fixes to soccer management. But if due procedure is followed, as emphasised in the quotations at the beginning of this piece, with a team as hugely blessed in terms of assets as the Super Eagles of Nigeria, the results would most likely follow.

This means starting from the beginning of Alhaji Gusau's tenure, the Super Eagles' management must be impeccable, both at the boardroom and on the soccer pitch. One trusts the NFF board is made up of seasoned soccer administrators, who together with Alhaji Gusau, can deliver on the expected goods.

An important part of the "success chain" of the Super Eagles, is of course the coaching of the team. No team wins a major tournament with a bad or substandard coach! Since the goal for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, is winning the next AFCON, in 2024, the NFF should not and cannot compromise on standards, in this aspect of the team's management.

Nigeria is blessed with a huge abundance of talents at all age grades of soccer, the Super Eagles of Nigeria inclusive! When we lose matches, it is mainly because we shoot ourselves on the foot ! Thus, a decent soccer tactician can get a whole lot from this set of Super Eagles' players. They are talented and have garnered the necessary experience needed to make hay at the highest levels. All it takes is for there to be effective management at all levels, and the team would fly to the highest of levels!

Specifically, with regards the present Super Eagles' gaffer: Coach Jose Peseiro, he should be judged strictly according to the best professional standards at the end of his present coaching stint, with a view to deciding if he get's further engaged ( contract extension), or shown the door.

At all times, to get the best results, the best coaches should be engaged, regardless of where the coaches come from.

There should be no 'nationalisation' of the Super Eagles' coaching job, at this time or any other time. We have had in the past, NFF Presidents that bowed to pressure from a section of the Super Eagles' supporters 'club ', the 'nationalistic' section of the 'club', and have put as Super Eagles' coaches, unqualified Nigerian coaches as Super Eagles' gaffers, and of course with the concomittant bad results! No one should misunderstand me, and accuse me of what some describe as "colo-mentality" or "slavish mentality"! Far from it, there are decent Nigerian coaches out there. The point is, whoever is appointed Super Eagles' gaffer, must merit the job; and not be put in place on grounds of nationality or other sentiments!

In conclusion, if the Super Eagles and of course the other soccer teams perform, the sponsorship for the teams would follow easily and Alhaji Gusau would be adjudged one of the best NFF Presidents ever.

Yours sincerely like other lovers and supporters of the Super Eagles and Nigerian soccer, wish him well in his onerous task of administering Nigerian soccer.



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