Sunday, September 16, 2018
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"Victory nowadays in soccer, generally, don't happen through accidental/ coincidental happenstance, but through carefully articulated plans/policies, that are first of all made in the boardroom of the FA; before that can be translated through the coaches to the players on the soccer pitch." - Cyril C. Nwokeji

ours sincerely seizes the opportunity of this medium, to say a very, very big congratulations to Mr. Melvin Amaju Pinnick, on his recent re-election, for the second time, to the chairmanship of the NFF. He becomes only the second man since the late Fr. Slattery, to be re-elected to the Chairmanship of the NFF, in a direct election!

Mr. Amaju Pinnick's chairmanship of the NFF, comes with another 'primeur'; this time around, a rather negative one: he is the most (negatively) challenged NFF chairman in the history of Nigerian soccer! His first tenure in office, was anything but a smooth one. After his first election in 2014, he faced unrelenting challenges - both orthodox and unorthodox- for the entire duration of his first term. The young man didn't chicken out, but like the true trojan he is, he forged ahead with his tenure in office. The unusual challenges he faced, may have contributed to the rather unsure and unsteady steps noticeable, during his first tenure. Yours sincerely criticised him, for these initial weaknesses, more especially, coming against the back drop of his excellent stewardship, as erstwhile chairman of the Delta state FA. The young man( yours sincerely respectfully calls him a young man, as he is not yet up to fifty years, and, thus, younger than yours sincerely), gallantly fought on, and helped mid-wife soccer policies/plans, some deemed unconventional at first sight. But he was determined, and pressed on regardless of his travails.

One of his initial and rather controversial decision, the hiring of a foreign technical adviser for the Super Eagles, was about the most important decision made under his leadership, as FA chairman. That decision came against the backdrop of the unusual failure of the Super Eagles to qualify for a second consecutive Nations' cup tournament. Despite opposition from high quarters for hiring a foreign coach, he went ahead with that decision and even personally sourced for funds for the payment of the coach! That gamble pays off, and with benefit of hindsight, contributed immensely to his re-election as NFF chairman. By so doing, he showed, character, determination, resilience and independent-mindedness, in forging ahead with his plans: thus, he showed uncanny leadership, in managing the affairs of the NFF! Kudos!!!!!

Now he has been re-elected NFF chairman, one expects the 'gladiators' who gave him a hell of a time, during his first tenure, to sheath their swords and co-operate with him, in the onerous task of shaping the future of Nigeria's soccer! Everybody is needed on board, to help move the country's soccer to the next level - a higher level! Those who are still not in agreement with his election, should in the spirit of democracy and as true democrats, wait till 2022, and have a go, albeit democratically, at the NFF Chairmanship. Anything else would be unacceptable to Nigerians and FIFA!!!!!! Please, let us avoid going back to the 'dark ages' when we constantly had to be threatened by FIFA, before 'behaving' ourselves! We are supposed to be a mature people, with a mature and responsible NFF!

One must confess going into the NFF's election, with all due respects to the other candidates for the Chairmanship of the NFF, one preferred Mr. Pinnick's re-election: for reasons of continuity! However, not wanting to appear to be partisan, one kept his peace till after the election.

With the re-election of Mr. Pinnick, yours sincerely like all well-meaning and soccer-loving Nigerians, expect him to bring to fruition, the seeds of the proactive steps he has so far sown, with a view to improving Nigerian soccer. One expects him among other objectives, to make the NFF truly financially independent of government: a self-sustaining organisation, and improve drastically grass root's soccer development, with a view to maximising the policy of: "Catch them young"!

In conclusion, yours sincerely once again, congratulates Mr. Pinnick, and hopes his second term in office will continue to portend well for Nigerian soccer. He has the rare opportunity to manage Nigeria's soccer affairs for eight years! A rare opportunity that would give him the chance of stamping, hopefully, in a significant way, his footprints on the Nigerian soccer sands of time. He should not fail to seize the moment!


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